Why code quality for freelance developers?

Is code quality part of your project checklist?

If not you might be missing out a chance to boost your brand reputation, better control your margin and increase your work sustainability.

Find out how.
Code Quality is critical to your code sustainability

Exhaustive unit testing and high code coverage is key to a robust and sustainable software. With a shift left approach you are building future proof applications in a ressource savvy way for you and your client.

Unit tests enable you to identify every defect that may have come up before code is sent further for integration testing including bugs in the implementation and flaws in the unit’s specification. Late bug or flaw identification involves inconvenient task shifting and costly fixes - a developer freelance nightmare if they want to meet time and resource constraints.

This will also necessarily deteriorate your margins or create frustration from your client. Unit testing reduces dramatically the complexity of refactoring, upgrading system libraries or replatforming projects at a later stage.

For many developers it is a major documentation asset and it facilitates collaboration around your work today and for future stakeholders.

The success of code renovation projects for your client in the future relies on your unit testing effort today. 

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Code Quality is critical to your cost control

Your client is not the only victim of untested code. While bugs, defects and regressions are part of the software development lifecycle, they impact heavily on the developer’s capacity to deliver their code in a timely manner. That is why all efforts turned toward reducing them are a significant step to increase the certainty you have of delivering under the predicted amount of time.

As a freelancer your productivity is directly connected to your revenue. With the exhaustive production of unit tests you are taking a key step in the making of flawless code which ultimately enables you to increase your development speed and remove all time-consuming task shifting generated by regressions and bugs from your code. 
Moreover happy clients are clients who have been receiving complimentary support when software is running into issues. Exhaustive unit testing enables you to make sure that the extent of requested support does not come in the way of your mission profitability.

Less bugs and less regressions are key to reducing support costs and making sure all your projects are financially healthy.

Code Quality is critical to your customer satisfaction

Making your client feel like he made the right choice will boost prospect conversion, speed up your sales process and increase recurrence and referral from your client portfolio. Code quality is the asset up your sleeve to trigger such satisfaction.

Making code quality a contractual guarantee makes your business stand out from other freelancers and on top of this delivering high standard quality makes your work outstanding for your client. 

What are you doing today to demonstrate the quality of your code? How do you ensure to meet the promised quality? and how do you report code quality to your client upon delivery? 

By making code quality and code coverage the heart of your sales strategy you can make your whole sales lifecycle more efficient and create from your client a sense of safety and robustness towards your work before, during and after your project.

Bringing more guarantees than other freelancers is one of the most competitive approaches to earn trust. Moreover, reporting your code quality investment will generate visibility on your work.

All these ingredients are the secret recipe to organic increase of returning clients and referrals and when you spend less time on sales and prospect you get to do more of what you are good at: creating new solutions, learning or both.

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Code Quality is critical to your business reputation

As a business owner, you ought to build your brand and grow your reputation. These elements are intangible marketing and sales assets dedicated to boosting your capacity to attract more client’s offers and increase your chances of converting them into signed contracts.In order to demonstrate the value proposition you offer against your competitors you can promote your high code quality targets.

Building exhaustive and bullet proof unit test suites and reporting on the robustness of your code quality will play out as a key differentiator to make your freelancer offer more unique. 

Despite the progressive digitalisation of companies, freelancers are still facing heterogeneous code quality requirements across contracts, teams and companies.

But considering unit testing efforts only in a reactive way is a mistake many make to increase their margins.

Not performing thorough testing if not required will deteriorate the long term relationship you have with your clients and build frustration amongst your portfolio.

High technical debt on the code you deliver will systematically affect your brand reputation.

As the freelance programming ecosystem is becoming more competitive and more globalized than ever it is critical that you build intangible assets around your client relationship so that they rely on you for more than just your competitive prices or your availability at one point in time.

Make code quality your best asset and support your business growth in every direction all at once. Great code quality is only achievable with great tools.

That’s why we designed TurboCov to support freelancers. The only unit test generator automating 80% code coverage and supporting client relationships with unique code quality monitoring and reporting features.

A unique solution to boost your reputation has a best practice software engineer and only deliver weakness-free software.