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Software Quality & Action Roadmap

A new solution to give all stakeholders better control of their code quality. 

The lack of visibility over the true quality of your code kills your software factory efficiency: bugs and a growing technical debt put your innovation in jeopardy.
Capturing the state of the true quality of your codebase, finding what hides behind your coverage and learning what actions to take to improve it has never been easier.

SQUAR it up!

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Ponicode SQUAR puts you on the right track

SQUAR enables decision makers to gain visibility and control over the maintainability and reliability of their whole codebase.

Discover how we help ISVs with their code quality challenges thanks to SQUAR.

Business Case
Business Case
Business Case
Business Case

Tech leads can clearly identify most critical flaws and prioritise actions to strengthen legacy code coverage thanks to this report.

Breakthrough technology dedicated to your quality strategy

SQUAR is a unique audit and advisory solution to assist company code quality strategy. 

Ponicode AI-powered software coupled by a team of code health specialists provides decision makers and teams with a full assessment of a project’s code quality. 

SQUAR identifies flaws in the codebase, prioritizes them by risk and connects them with the actions the team needs to take to remove defects.
‍An exhaustive and actionable overview of the robustness and flaws of a codebase quality.

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Tackle your code quality issues in the right order

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self assessment illustration
self assessment illustration
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Too many bugs detected in QA and beyond?

Increasing numbers of IT support tickets?

Hard to know where to start to gain robustness on legacy code?

Scared to get your hands dirty in legacy code refactoring?

Worried about keeping your next migration under control?

Lacking information on where to start to put your code quality back on track?