Best Jetbrains plugins to shift left

Are you looking for new tools and methods to help you and your team deliver great code faster than ever? 🚀 No worries, the developer experience team of CircleCI is here to guide you adopt the shift left method.

We gathered our own selection of the best Jetbrains plugins to shift left and make flawless software development easier for you and your team.

Snyk Security

Snyk is a Static Application Security Testing (SAST), a scanning tool to find in your source code vulnerabilities without having to compile or run the code. Thanks to Snyk you get a thorough security check before your code is compiled, it helps you ship secure code faster.

Thanks to shift left security you can detect issues early on in the process, instead of finding them later when fixing them becomes considerably more time consuming and costly.

The plugin is available on the marketplace here


Tabnine is an AI code assistant, helping you cut time when writing your code. This tool will give you real-time code completions in all popular programming languages and IDEs. The tool leverages the power of machine learning to autocomplete your line or an entire function and most recently they also ventured in the area of natural language to code completions which we find quite magical. On top of that it  has some enterprise specific features aimed at improving code quality, code consistency, developer onboarding and code reviews. Improve your code quality, your consistency, and your code review in seconds. 

The plugin is available on the marketplace here

The power of Tabnine in action


Embold is an AI powered software designed to help you identify and improve your code quality as you code by delivering you several metrics assessing the overall quality of your code, such as maintainability, robustness, security and reliability.

On top of enabling you to assess risk through metrics, it also identifies vulnerabilities, flaws and bad patterns of your Java code. Embold helps you maintain your code quality through cleaner code writing and shows you quick solutions for the highlighted identified issues: all of it from the comfort of your IDE and before your code is even committed.

The plugin is available on the marketplace here



SonarLint helps you write code efficiently and safely. It will speed you up when it comes to finding and fixing bugs by highlighting issues in your code and suggesting the best way to manage them. You can choose to enable the plug-in while you are coding in the IDE or trigger it manually at your convenience. C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C#, Kotlin, Ruby, HTML & PHP are supported and it can be coupled to the now famous SonarQube and SonarCloud solutions to help you build great code quality from the get go.

The plugin is available on the marketplace here

Diffblue Cover

Diffblue Cover is a software that writes Java regression tests for you automatically, helping you to enhance your code coverage and to identify regressions in just one click. By accelerating the creation of a large number of regression tests Diffblue enables you to catch most flaws in your code at the left of your software development cycle and reduce the toll for your QA team and your end users.

The plugin is available on the marketplace here

Diffblue generating tests

Machinet AI Unit Tests

Machinet AI Unit Test is a software that helps you generate unit tests including mocks, objects, and non-trivial assert statements. Following the trend set by Diffblue and Ponicode, it helps you build exhaustive unit test files in the blink of an eye. With the partnership with OpenAi displayed on their website we can only imagine that it leverages the power of GPT3 to make their suggestions. It’s the newest tool in the unit test generation landscape.

The plugin is available on the marketplace here

Artificial intelligence rules the world

So there you have it! Our own selection of the best Jetbrains plugins to shift left. We truly believe that the Shift Left method is the best way to ensure that your teams and organizations have a healthy software development lifecycle. You are already becoming an expert in this method by implementing simple principles such as catching bugs early in the development process and bringing more security to the left. We hope this is useful information and that it puts you on the track to smoother software development. Are you curious about more tools? Discover our top tools to shift left

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