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Challenging code quality metrics

Your quality KPIs are at the heart of your software manufacturing process. But as technical debt grows and bugs in production arise it is time to challenge these metrics and understand how to choose and leverage them in order to enable your IT department to make seamless code quality at scale.


Code Quality metrics are the foundation of a successful software quality strategy

Use this ebook to spark a conversation with your team about the metrics you use, how they support your code quality strategy and who is owning these responsability within your department. KPIs are always here to enable you to do better and faster while identifying quickly and efficiently your weaknesses. If your technical debt is irremediably growing and the number of bugs in production remains unpredictably above your expectation then it is time to get back to the root of the problem and investigate how you monitor your code quality efforts. Let's get started.

What you will find in this ebook

  • How code quality metrics can support your code quality efforts.
  • How can they be deceiving and what you should look for while analyzing them.
  • What are the risks and difficulties you might run into when gathering all project stakeholders around them.

Questions answered

What is code quality?

Why should you care about code quality?

How to measure code quality?

What makes a good metric?

What are some of the code quality metrics available to me?

What are some of the code quality tools available to help me?

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