Free development time from bug detection and regression prevention with automated quality control processes directly in the CI/CD.
Harness the power of our GitHub Actions SQUAR and Unit Testing to create bullet proof quality control and fixes.

Ponicode SQUAR, guiding your code quality strategy

Find out what is the true state of your codebase quality and level up your testing strategy effortlessly. Ponicode SQUAR provides you with an insightful report assessing the state of your code quality at every pull request.

Optimize your effort to reach your code quality goals with a global outlook of your codebase and a list of next priority actions to solve most urgent and exposed issues right away

The report and risk prioritized roadmap are a powerful audit and advisory asset to assist you in your code quality and IT strategy,

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Generate unit tests right from the CI/CD

Thanks to Ponicode Unit tests get your test suites straight in no time. Our GitHub action accelerates the remediation of flaws spotted in the code quality by generating missing tests, missing test cases and missing edge cases. Improving your test suite effortlessly for each of your pull requests is now possible.


Available for JS, TS & Python

Following the Ponicode SQUAR report, you can use Ponicode Unit Testing in order to address your first top recommendations to improve your code quality, hence ensuring a bug free code and your project’s success!

Ready to write beautiful code?

Smart and simple unit testing assistant. Now available for free.

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Solutions for JS, TS, Java and Python

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