From function to visualisation.
From visualisation to unit test file generation

Our VS Code extension was designed to assist you in your selection of the most relevant inputs and it generates a unit test file whenever you are ready.
Raise your code maintainability and ship more features while experiencing the seamlessness of the VS Code coding experience.

Challenge the code. Not the coder

Writing unit tests manually one by one is a thing of the past. You are moving on to systemic high coverage. We suggest edge cases. We support mocking. We even infer suggestions of complex structures for nested objects based on your code.

A Javascript, Typescript and Python ready solution

Our VS Code extension supports the most well known programming languages in the world. In one look you can see if your function is ready to be tested. Ponicode generates JS, TS and Python files according to your preferred location and naming conventions. We do the work, you stay in control of the result.

What can you do with Ponicode?

Ponicode generates unit test files with all your inputs. We do the work, you stay in control of the result.

Unit test generation

One click Javascript unit test creation with AI-generated suggestions directly from your function.

Function and variable mocking

Use the Ponicode interface to easily mock variables and functions without worrying about syntax.

Dynamic Code Instrumentation

Capture the behaviour of your code thanks to Ponicode dynamic code instrumentation, and create unit tests that reflect real usage.

Nested objects management

Infer suggestions of complex structures for nested object based on code static analysis.

Clean GUI

Visualise and run your unit tests in a simple graphical interface which lets you focus on the essentials, without worries about config or syntax.

Increase your coverage

Use Ponicode to make sure all your functions are exhaustively tested and your code has satisfactory test coverage.

Ready to write beautiful code?

Smart and simple unit testing assistant. Now available for free.

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