A one time opportunity to talk all things code quality and find out more about the behind the scenes of our product development

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April 29th 11.30AM CET


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Who we are

Ponicode is a French startup dedicated to making developers' lives easier. We are a team of data scientists and developers who love code and unicorns. 🦄

Our philosophy is to create new solutions enabling you to write beautiful code, effortlessly. First, we have an AI to assist developers in their everyday tasks and then we work out how to improve your user experience thanks to our community's feedback. Pretty simple, no? 🦾🦾

You can be part of this adventure. Using our tools, exploring how they can be beneficial to your coding life and sharing with us what you think about them has so much value to us. 💙

What we do

We currently have two solutions available to the public for free.

On one hand we have Ponicode unit test providing AI-powered input suggestions to help you make unit tests for all your Javascript, Typescript and Python functions, faster than ever.

On the other hand, Ponicode Dogstring GitHub Action automatically generates docstring suggestions for all your Python projects hosted on GitHub.

You can save countless hours on code quality and documentation thanks to Ponicode.

You should give it a try. Only if you want to though... No pressure. 😛🥳

What you can expect

This is an event exclusively for our existing users to give you a look behind the scenes of our product development processes, product updates, and what's next in the pipeline for Ponicode 🤫. We also want to interact with you guys, our wonderful users and hear some of your code quality tips and best practices. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!


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Ready to write beautiful code?

Smart and simple docstring generation. Now available in your favourite code hosting platform.

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