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We are currently seeking out talented, creative and ambitious people to join us in our startup adventure.

Ponicode's mission is to act on every step of the software development life cycle to increase code quality, reduce bugs and make developers happy every time they touch a keyboard. This is a huge, fascinating and unresolved challenge.

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Who we are

Ponicode's mission is to act on every step of the software development life cycle to increase code quality, reduce bugs and make developers happy every time they touch a keyboard. This is a huge, fascinating and unresolved challenge.

Our CTO said 👇


“Working at Ponicode means waking up with the thrill of facing technological challenges that can only be overcome thanks to a team of passionate people.”

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Our first intern said 👇

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“If you change 8 letters in Ponicode, you get Avengers. Coincidence? I don't think so... ”

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Our Values

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People Driven

We care about the people we work with and the people we work for. We are only satisfied when both our team and our users are happy with the work we do.

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Highly Committed

We work on a technology that we believe will have a real impact on our future. Every day we push our hardest to achieve our objectives and surpass expectations.


Realistic Dreamers

We have great ambitions, but we keep our feet on the ground in the process: we are tenacious problem solvers and very pragmatic people.

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Why join Ponicode ?

Be part of the AI revolution

We make solutions that have never been invented before.

Challenge conventions

Our team question the conventional wisdom. We make innovation thanks to disruption.

Make your voice heard

and be part of the company’s success. We are a co-responsibility first company.

Live the start-up adventure

Events and networking opportunities supported by a dense ecosystem.

Diversity is key

Be part of a multicultural and unconventional team. Out-of-the-box thinkers fit right in.

Make work your happy place

We are people focused and we know the best version of yourself is the happy version.

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We want you!

Digital Marketing Intern

Bac +3


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Who we are

At Ponicode, we want to help software developers focus on what they like to do most, on the exciting parts of their job. We are creating a unique artificial intelligence coding partner that will handle all low-interest but essential programming tasks for them and allow them to focus on what lies ahead.

Ponicode's mission is to act on every step of the software development life cycle to increase code quality, reduce bugs and make developers happy every time they touch a keyboard. 

This is a huge, fascinating and unresolved challenge. We are part of a booming industry that is still an unchartered territory. The innovation we bring will shift the software industry and consequently the whole economy.

The position

We are looking for a marketing and communication intern to help us push our product to the next level.

We currently have free tools available to the whole dev community and we need your help to get our name out there and build a strong community of users. We also start with our first corporate clients and we need to address them with the right message and feed the sales pipeline with new prospects. ;)

Being part of our project means broadcasting a colorful, playful and no b*llsh*t brand to the world.

You will work on a great variety of (essentially digital) marketing topics and your curiosity and know-how can lead the type of projects we will let you handle.

We currently work with

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Ads
  • Community Management
  • Online Event Management
  • Content creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Partnerships
  • Saas packaging
  • Marketing to sales strategy

Who are we looking for

If you have experience with one or several of those areas you are mostly likely a great fit for us. We are eager to meet applicants who can show us how they have performed in personal projects, volunteering actions or previous internships in the area of digital marketing so we know you’ll be hands on from day 1.

Your english level is key since our marketing and communication are 95% english. 

Your understanding of the software engineering and artificial intelligence industry is not decisive. We are welcoming people with no knowledge as long as you have the curiosity to explore this new world and you are a relentless learner.

We are a team of passionate, out of the box thinking, people-driven members and we look for someone who has the same mindset as we do.

Here’s a list of tools we use. Are you already familiar with them in a professional capacity? That’s a huge plus for us

  • Figma
  • Adobe Premiere, After Effect, Photoshop Illustrator
  • Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Slack, Discord, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stack Overflow
  • Zoom, Google Meet, Zencastr
  • Imovie, Garageband
  • Sendinblue, Webflow
  • Notion, Trello 

Get in touch

If you are looking to find a job where you can express your creative mind while working on very practical digital marketing challenges, stop your job search now and apply to work with us.

If you think you could do a great job at Ponicode, reach out to us with your resume  and let us know in a few lines what motivates you to be part of the adventure! 

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Data Scientist

Any experience


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What we do

We love to code, and there is nothing more stimulating than using code... on code!
Join us and help us reinvent software production. More than anywhere else, here the developers are the creatives.

Here are some challenges you will work on by joining us

  • How to make a generator that writes unit tests?
  • How to automatically refactor (and not only split) a source code?
  • How to understand, represent and generate code with machine learning algorithms?
  • How to generate code documentation?
  • How to generate front source code from a drawing?
  • How to generate large snippets of code?
  • How to automatically find bugs in an application?

By working on resolving these challenges, you will not only participate in revolutionising the way everybody codes, but also explore the inner depths of different programming languages.
If you are looking to find a job where you can express your creative mind while working on very practical technical challenges, stop your job search now and apply to work with us.

What we are looking for

Find your dream job as a software engineer for both junior and senior roles. We are also open to discussing potential internship opportunities for students.

Our dev stack includes a lot of Typescript with React and Node.js, as well as Go, JavaScript and PostgreSQL, and we use Docker, AWS and Azure to manage our infrastructure. Previous experience with these languages and technologies, plus any other (Java and C# in particular), is welcome but not mandatory.

Most importantly, we are looking for profiles that are comfortable working on the full stack across a range of languages and frameworks.
The data science team works on a variety of tasks that go from data analysis to data engineering, machine learning and NLP challenges. We code in Python using a wide range of libraries including Numpy and Pytorch. AI on code is a non-trivial subject for which traditional AI systems don't perform well, we are building innovative technology almost from scratch! We even invent new machine learning models and give them original names!

Get in touch

If you think you could do a great job at Ponicode, fill in the form below and let us know what motivates you to be part of the adventure!
In case you did not find the position of your dreams on the list, but want to join our project, reach out anyway - we will be very happy to have a chat!

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Any experience


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Nowadays code and artificial intelligence are at the center of everything, but there are still few effective solutions combining code and AI. We believe that the power of artificial intelligence on code and great developer experience can trigger an industrial revolution for the software engineering industry.

Our idea is based on this observation. We are developing an AI that will support all developers in their daily work. The 1st skill we are giving to our AI is the ability to generate unit tests in JavaScript, TypeScript and Python with a few clicks in VSCode. The goal is to help developers produce great code, faster, and most importantly, to focus on what they love most: coding.

In the longer term, the ambition is to reduce the time spent by developers on time-consuming tasks with low direct business value: writing tests, refacto, reading code, documentation ...

Our goal for 2021 is to find the Product market fit with our corporate clients (Large software publishers and other industries, to carry out pilot projects, to generate money and to embark on the scale phase.

Our project is particularly challenging and requires talented, ambitious and humble people, able to question themselves and bring new ideas to the table in order to build a unique technology that does not yet exist.

Job Description

The position

The short-term goal is to enable the generation of unit tests for JavaScript, Typescript, Python and then other languages.

The first thing to know is that the job description is not exhaustive. With us, it's up to you to create the position that fits you well: “Anything is possible at this stage of the business. We are in the process of building the team that will become the core of Ponicode at Scale ”

→ Overall, here are the topics around which the position can be focused:

 ⌲ Back-end in Typescript / Node (Mandatory)

Please note, we use typing very extensively, but we are able to support you in improving your skills. Our mentor developer will be there to provide you with a quality on-boarding and support you through Pair-Programming to bring your Typescript skills to the next level and help you familiarize with our Code-base

 ⌲ DevOps / Cloud dimension

The more the product grows, the more challenges we will face regarding automation and the Cloud.

In order to start dealing with this matter, we would like you to be able to bring DevOps knowledge and maintain an infra task backlog.

If the subject interests you but you do not yet have a thorough mastery, our Mentor can also help you improve your skills in DevOps.

 ⌲ Dimension Project Management / Scrum Master

We have a high-level product team but we would like to have a tech-side person capable of interfacing with the technical project manager at customers' premises in order to provide information. Someone who is also able to collaborate with the Product team to best coordinate developers and meet customer needs.


By working on our issues, you will not only revolutionize the way everyone codes, but you will especially dive deep into the mechanics of the different programming languages. You will have to be creative and meet many challenges:

 ☞ How to create a multi-language and multi-framework unit test generator?

☞ How to refactor code?

☞ How to understand, represent and generate code with Machine Learning?

☞ How to generate documentation?

☞ How to generate code snippets?

☞ How to automatically find bugs in code?

 By working on these issues, you will not only revolutionize the way everyone codes, but you will especially dive into the mechanics of different programming languages.


 ☞ Lots of Typescript (Back and Front)

☞ Javascript

☞ Node.js

☞ React

☞ Go (a little)

☞ PostgrSQL

☞ Docker (K8s and Terraform)

☞ AWS, Azure

 ⌲ Good practices are essential, but there is still room to improve and gain in agility while being irreproachable in quality.


☞ Between 50 and 65K euros

☞ BSPCE for all

☞ Health insurance

☞ Transport


 ⌲ You are the ideal candidate if:

 ☞ You have a great expertise in Typescript or at least JavaScript (essential);

☞ You have at least 2-3 years of experience in challenging environments;

 ☞ You tackled complex issues;

 ☞ You are passionate about tech, putting your hands in different technologies doesn't scare you;

 ☞ You want to get involved in a project that is still young;

 ☞ You are a real team player.

 ⌲ We know that our project is complex, but don't worry, you will be guided. Our Mentor spends a significant part of his time mentoring all newcomers (Pair-programming, etc ...), as well as the youngest of the team, until they are autonomous in TS and on our codebase.

 ⌲ BUT BE CAREFUL, we are always looking for people with sufficient experience and maturity to:

☞ Crack the test;

☞ Wanting to take up the challenge of becoming a TS expert.

☞ Bring experience to the team.

If you're looking for a job where you can express your creativity while working on technical subjects, you've come to the right place!

And after all, how many people have the chance to work on a project that will fundamentally revolutionize their own line of work?

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