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What we do

We love to code, and there is nothing more stimulating than using code... on code!
Join us and help us reinvent software production. More than anywhere else, here the developers are the creatives.

Here are some challenges you will work on by joining us

  • How to make a generator that writes unit tests?
  • How to automatically refactor (and not only split) a source code?
  • How to understand, represent and generate code with machine learning algorithms?
  • How to generate code documentation?
  • How to generate front source code from a drawing?
  • How to generate large snippets of code?
  • How to automatically find bugs in an application?

By working on resolving these challenges, you will not only participate in revolutionising the way everybody codes, but also explore the inner depths of different programming languages.
If you are looking to find a job where you can express your creative mind while working on very practical technical challenges, stop your job search now and apply to work with us.

What we are looking for

Find your dream job as a software engineer for both junior and senior roles. We are also open to discussing potential internship opportunities for students.

Our dev stack includes a lot of Typescript with React and Node.js, as well as Go, JavaScript and PostgreSQL, and we use Docker, AWS and Azure to manage our infrastructure. Previous experience with these languages and technologies, plus any other (Java and C# in particular), is welcome but not mandatory.

Most importantly, we are looking for profiles that are comfortable working on the full stack across a range of languages and frameworks.
The data science team works on a variety of tasks that go from data analysis to data engineering, machine learning and NLP challenges. We code in Python using a wide range of libraries including Numpy and Pytorch. AI on code is a non-trivial subject for which traditional AI systems don't perform well, we are building innovative technology almost from scratch! We even invent new machine learning models and give them original names!

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In case you did not find the position of your dreams on the list, but want to join our project, reach out anyway - we will be very happy to have a chat!

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