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Meet your CTO: an exclusive Github Universe Connect

Sign up for exclusive small group meetings where you can meet in an informal setting with Chief Technical Officers of startups at the brink of AI innovation
10 CTOs - December 11th - 7PM CET (10AM PST)

Join our exclusive event, and get to meet the CTOs of some key startups in the artificial intelligence innovation industry. A great diversity of industries is represented with this selection of companies promoted by Microsoft for Startups.

We are excited to create this small group talks where you will get to ask all your questions and be inspired by the ones that mix entrepreneurship and AI innovation. From technical challenges, to outside-the-box approaches to software engineering, to tips on how to build a great tech team, you will be able to ask all your questions to the CTO of your choice.

Who they are

Fabien Vauchelles


#AugmentedInsurers #Insurtech
Benjamin Grelié


#ehealth #medecine
Pierre de Sahb


#dataquality #ecommerce
Pedro Machado


#AI #physicalnetworks
Dali Kilani


#health #platform
Pierre Besson


#deeplearning #financialservices
Valentin Pignolet


#foodtech #machinelearning
Baptiste Bouffaut


#developerstool #qualitycode
Wilder Lopes


#deeplearning #computervision
Julien Chaumond

Hugging Face

#nlproc #machinelearning


Is this a Github Universe Event?

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This event is part of the official Github Universe programme in the category Connect. Connect events are orbital events that take place beside the main stage content. They represent an opportunity to connect the GitHub community with people who share common interests. In this case, the curiosity to understand the ins and outs of the startup journey for a CTO.

Connect events are dedicated to giving a more informal space for the Github Community to meet and share knowledge and ideas. Meet your CTOs is an opportunity to meet the CTO of an Artificial Intelligence startup in a privileged setting, and learn more about the challenges they face in their journey.

Is there a cost to sign up?

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This event is free.

We kindly ask you to respect the time and energy our CTOs and their teams put into this event and their commitment to keeping it free and accessible to all by signing up to only one chat room and informing ping@ponicode.com if you can't attend the meetup you signed up for.

What is Ponicode?

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Ponicode is a AI startup that builds tools to ease developers' work. We are the host and organiser of this event for Github Universe. Find out more about our solutions on Ponicode.com.

How did you select the CTOs?

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Our CTOs are all part of the Artificial Intelligence tech industry. Most are or were part of the Microsoft for Startups program. They come from a wide range of companies from early stage to more advanced stage in all industries. They each have a specific experience and a unique approach to their role. Find out more in the "Who they are" section.


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