Ponicode Enterprise

The most complete unit test automation software packaged into a corporate friendly solution.

A developer tool enhanced by unique monitoring and security features designed to make project managers and developers happy.

Enter a new era where code quality is reached systematically using less resources than ever.

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What if healthy code was the way to save your money and time

The estimated cost of bad code across the globe reaches 85 billion US dollars per year and most companies know that their developer spend at least a day on quality code related tasks every week. Above all, your team of developers loose velocity by manually performing these repetitive tasks.

Providing a team with a tool to ease and monitor healthy code is a necessity.


Analyse existing code and secure its robustness with homogeneous unit tests.


Create unit tests for all your new functions and meet the industry standards effortlessly.


Monitor your testing situation and identify weaknesses in your code quality strategy.

What are the Ponicode Enterprise capabilities ?

Ponicode helps you manage the code quality of all your projects. Monitoring, visualising and improving is now easier for both developers and project managers.

Language support

Providing AI powered Language Support  to analyse code and automatically generate Unit Tests directly from your function.

AI-powered unit testing

Creating, mocking, asserting, executing, fixing unit tests

Dynamic Code Instrumentation

Capture the behaviour of your code and save time on all your future unit tests


Visualising Dashboards to track Unit Testing activity and measure outcomes (Code Quality, Code coverage…)

Entreprise grade infrastructure

Providing Enterprise-grade Cloud Infrastructure hosting

A Javascript, Typescript and Python ready solution

Our VS Code extension supports the most well known programming languages in the world. In one look you can see if your function is ready to be tested. Ponicode generates JS, TS and Python files according to your preferred location and naming conventions. We do the work, you stay in control of the result.

Ready to write beautiful code?

Smart and simple unit testing assistant. Now available for free.

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VS Code extension for JS, TS and PY

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