Spiraling technical debt
Meet our client Sophie.

Sophie is the CTO of a top software company in the Silicon Valley.

Her company requires a high code coverage of 90%.
This level of code quality is both resource and time consuming and it eats into her teams productivity.

Sophie is also managing a codebase of millions of lines of legacy code which needs to be maintained.
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Monitoring code
Sophie needs more maintainable and robust code, produced at higher velocity.

With Ponicode, she gets exactly that.

Ponicode allows her team to produce healthy code at scale, thanks to higher code coverage.

Ponicode is the perfect tool to support the company's shift left approach and give Sophie the KPI's she needs to monitor the company's code quality journey.
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Code metrics
Since adopting Ponicode, Sophie is far happier in her role as she has better control of quality, she has identified areas in need of unit testing within the legacy code and increased legacy code coverage from 50% to 90%.

Her team now produces high quality, maintainable and robust code at scale.

Her team of developers work more efficiently because they reach higher coverage while spending less time testing.

Thanks to Ponicode, Sophie is able to manage the coverage of her projects at all stages and she no longer feels as if bugs and regressions are eroding company profits.
Tech team
This is Dan.

Dan is the Lead Developer of an ISV currently working on improving the defect detection on the production line.

He finds himself constantly torn between managing limited resources and sacrificing quality to meet deadlines.

He finds it hard to motivate his team to perform unit tests and so it can be a challenge to reach industry and client standards on code robustness & maintainability.
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Collaboration on code
Then Dan discovered Ponicode.
A tool which allowed his team to increase their coverage with a developer friendly unit test generation interface.

Dan can see there is far less resistance to unit testing within his team.

They now systematically ship robust features within the time frame.
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Successful meeting
With Ponicode, Dan's team of developers now produce clean, legible code.

His team is happier because they spend less time on tedious tasks like unit testing.

Thanks to Ponicode analytics dashboard, Dan can monitor the quality of his projects while giving his team more time to do what they love best - code.
Software engineer at work
Jack is a software developer working on a project to find and remove plastic from our oceans.

He doesn't like to perform unit tests regularly as he finds it is very tedious and takes away from his creativity.

However, Jack understands that regular unit testing is necessary as fixing bugs is far worse.
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Monitoring code quality
Since his company began using Ponicode, Jack now has a developer tool that enables him to quickly run unit tests and reach high coverage.

The code that Jack is writing no longer loses its robustness overtime and there is less pressure on him and his team to fix bugs in the code and more accountability on the remaining ones. T

his in turn means Jack works more efficiently and allows him to truly unleash his creativity.
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Climbing the ladder
Thanks to Ponicode, Jack spends the majority of his time writing bolder and more robust code.

And since he is shipping more unique features at a rapid speed, Jack is even on his way to being promoted to Lead Dev!

Exhaustive testing is no longer resource consuming

💪 Strengthen legacy code in a matter of seconds
Ramp up the test converge of your legacy projects without worrying about resources.

🎯 Catch up easily to reach code coverage targets
Exceed the industry quality standards and empower your team to make healthy code at scale.

⏱ Find bugs before your users do
Learn what's hiding behind code coverage and how to remove your riskiest code vulnerabilities.

Save the day with Ponicode CLI

Bulk generation of unit tests can save your day and your project.
Let your test work being accelerated by the right smart tools.

Unit Test Catchup

New clients or management often come with specific code coverage standards which require the quality upgrade of entire codebases. Creating a high volume of unit tests all at once involves refocusing resources away from new features.

Ponicode CLI finally makes it possible to achieve unit test coverage compliance with a fraction of the resources.

Legacy at scale

Some software is already 5, 10 or even 20 years old, and as new features pile up over time and teams change, code quality can erode quickly, making manipulation of legacy code unstable and uncomfortable for new developers.

Regaining confidence over the handling of legacy code is possible thanks to bulk generation of unit tests at scale with Ponicode CLI. Non-regression tests across the codebase brings control to software engineers and works as guardrails to their development environment.

Cloud Migration

The volume of regressions introduced during migrations and the difficulty to resorb them makes replatforming projects hard to complete within time and budget constraints.

In a shift-left migration approach, Ponicode helps to raise unit test coverage instantly. Teams can use Ponicode CLI to perform a snapshot of the behavior of an application pre-migration and post-migration in order to identify and fix regressions fast.

Merge & Acquisition

Investing vast amounts of time and resources into raising the code quality to meet merge or acquisition expectations can take years to complete. It takes highly skilled staff away from innovation and product development.

Ponicode CLI enables teams to instantaneously raise the quality of their newly acquired code to the required standards, thus accelerating the capacity to absorb new technology and quickly refocusing resources on innovation.

What’s yours?

Everyday our community of 14,000 users share feedback on the Ponicode Slack, and help us discover new usage use cases for Ponicode tools. Join us and share your code quality journey with us. The future of development is starting here!

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A JavaScript, TypeScript & Python solution

Ponicode CLI is a npm package which automatically generates unit test files for all your untested functions in a given file, directory or entire project.

Ponicode CLI accelerates developers by- creating and bootstrapping your unit test file with a test suite per function - writing 5 test scenarios for each functions- including both happy paths & edge cases to each test suite.

Kickstart your test work and monitor your code robustness.
With Ponicode CLI you can handle big projects and generate test files. Your journey continues inside the Ponicode VS Code Extension with complex function handling.

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