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We are so happy to share the testimony that Weloop shared with us on their use of Ponicode. Tung, co-founder and software engineer at Weloop gave us some details about their code quality standards and how they have integrated Ponicode in their processes. A big thank you to them for taking the time to share their feedback with us! Weloop officially becomes the first company to publicly deploy Ponicode in their coding journey! This gets us very excited for the future. So if you are not yet convinced that Ponicode can enhance your tech team’s work then watch their testimony.


My name is Tung. I am co-founder and software engineer at Weloop.

Weloop federates employees into a user community directly on the application and relying on that we identify which improvement will increase productivity and user satisfaction.

What is the size of your tech team?

We have 7 people on the tech team and we use React JS for the front and Node JS for the back so the main language is Javascript. Besides that we use Python for the Machine Learning block.

What is the code quality strategy at Weloop?

We have many approaches to guarantee the code quality. The first one is using a linter to provide feedback to developers while writing code to follow guidelines, coding conventions, coding standards and it’s really important when you have several people on the tech team.

The second one is to test the code: unit testing, functional testing, integration testing.

And the last one is peer code review. For example at least two different reviewers to approve any code changes.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of unit tests?

It’s long and boring. Just kidding, the first thing I think about when it comes to unit testing is the code coverage. It is to guarantee that every line of code is tested and we get the expected output.

How often do you unit test?

So we do unit testing for every new function created or any small change, refactoring in legacy code we do unit testing so basically almost every day.

Has Ponicode changed your approach to unit testing?

We do unit testing way more faster and efficiently with Ponicode. The first thing is the Ponicode interface is really easy to use. It is really intuitive. The second thing is the suggestions test case provided by Ponicode, with their Machine Learning algorithm, works really really well. We can directly pick at least two or three test cases from the list. And a few test cases more. Click on the generate test file button and finish. We get a test suite with good coverage for less time than one minute for every function which is really impressive.

And compared with writing every test case one by one by hand it is game changing. And yes we do test more. For any new function we get nearly 100% code coverage

What have been the benefits of using Ponicode on your code?

I see that the quality of code is so much better. Ponicode helps me think deeper about the problem, expose the edge cases, expose the bothering cases and help me write better code. The code is more reliable when we already know that every line of code is tested.

Has Ponicode changed things for you personally as a developer?

Ponicode helps me reduce a huge amount of time to do the unit testing so I know I can deliver more but still guarantee the quality of code. Not just for me but for the whole team. It helps me to focus on the important tasks of the work but still remain reliable and efficient on the unit testing part.

What does our logo inspire you?

The unicorn rainbow stands for magic.

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