Top Tech Events to Look Forward to in 2022

  • CES | Las Vegas, 01/5 to 7

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show is the tech event not to miss and has become an institution throughout the years, by the way the show is celebrating its 50th birthday this year! 

It’s happening now and is well known as the largest exhibition in the world for introducing the latest trends in many groundbreaking categories. Long lasting fields have always been for instance automobile, smart home and smart connected devices and the conference keeps its reputation hight by presenting the hottest new innovations such as space tech, food tech or NFTs nowadays.

This year the show is as always taking place in Las Vegas and both in remote and in person with regards to the respect of health & security measures. An impressive audience has gathered: 195 companies of the Global Fortune 500, 159 countries and major group press around the world. Feel the excitement already? 

If you are a developer, lead tech or tech manager, this global conference is made for you! 

This 2 day conference focuses on all kinds of innovation in the tech industry. You will find inspiring keynotes from top-of-the-range companies’ leaders, talks on latest developments in artificial intelligence applied to programming and the opportunity to connect with those who build the future of the sector. 

These technical talks, workshops and roundtable discussions gather more than a 1,000 attendees and over 800 techs hiring. It is no doubt the event driving the tech community around the world where you will be able to learn all about the latest trends in your line of work. 

This year the Developer Week is going hybrid for health & security grounds, the perfect opportunity to join online if you are unable to travel to the U.S.! 

With so many renowned tech companies HQ located in the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is the center of the European tech community. The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) has become one of Europe’s fastest growing tech events. There you can see in motion the next generation of disruptive startups and hear their pitch, meet with influential leaders of the industry and network with investors. 

The Dublin Tech Summit gathers no less than over 150 startups, 8,000 attendees representing 50 countries!  

No need to introduce you to the renowned Paris salon Vivatech, a giant event gathering the best of tech innovation around Europe and the world in one of the most glamourous city of course. 

More than 150 countries, over 25K on-site attendees and + 115K online, this is one of the classic tech rendez-vous of the season. Tech high society gathers for a 2-day marathon between keynotes & live demos, last year’s edition notably welcomed famous CEOs like Apple’s, Zoom’s and Paypal’s for instance. 

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to quote South Summit, an incredible event in Europe again in Spain where we had the honor to attend remotely for 2021 edition and it was mind-blowing! 

This global event doesn’t only focus on technology but in all industries that will deeply affect and change our future, hence the catch phrase “Shape the future, a meeting point between today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s reality”. Inspiring quote that gives the tone, in South Summit, leaders & leading companies from all horizons are invited to share their concept & views from various sectors like healthcare, education, mobility, governance or artificial intelligence and tech. 

This is the place to be to uncover the next European gems that will make a difference for future generations. 

JavaScript, one of the most plebiscite programming languages in the world counting over 25 million developers, organises their largest event both in remote and in person this year on two different dates, don’t get them mixed up, one’s in Amsterdam. 

Beyond gathering one of the largest developer community around the world, JS Nation focuses on latest developments, provides workshops, development courses and tips thanks to a carefully curated panel of expert speakers. 

What’s so special about it? This is truly an event for just more than networking, it is also for sharing extraordinary moments within the community. For instance in 2022, a whole day visiting the Netherlands capital city is planned with free time to have a break with people who speak the same language, JS. 

Focus on AI events

Mixing top researchers and industry leaders is the specialty of this 2-day conference around Deep learning. Their promise: connecting latest scientific developments with real life applications in business & society. 

This event gathers CTOs, data scientists, software engineers & researchers from the entire world around networking opportunities, keynotes and Q&A to build fruitful relationships and help building the future of tech. 

You can attend both in person in San Francisco or remotely ;) 

Beyond the famous cinema gala hosted in the French Riviera city, Cannes also welcomes one of the biggest event in artificial intelligence, the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) this year in april. 

Demos, conferences & workshops to get a comprehensive vision of artificial intelligence, its powers & challenges, through 5 tracks: 

  • AI for society
  • AI for today & tomorrow
  • AI strategy 
  • AI technology 
  • AI applications 

Global insights about the role that AI has to play in our future world thanks to interventions of experts coming from all over the world, various backgrounds & industries. 

This enriching event also proposes remote attendance ;) 

This event located in Korea focuses on language technology & processing. If your are interested in spoken language research, this is definitely the conference you don’t want to miss. 

This year theme, Human & Humanizing Speech Technology, reflects the commitment of scientists and industry leaders to keep developing speech technologies that will bring a positive and long-lasting impact on our society, going beyond state-of-the-art. 

Incheon is an emerging technological center in South Asia and brings hundreds of experts together during this 2-day event where you will also be able to try some of the best Korean culture activities as a bonus! 

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