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Top 10 TypeScript Extensions for VS Code

We’re back with another Top 10 list for you, and this time it’s a  list of must-have extensions for all of our TypeScript developers out there. Again, all from our favourite IDE; VS Code

TypeScript Hero 🔱

This extension gives you the ability to code like a god when writing in TypeScript! Essentially, it raises the level of tooling support for TypeScript in VS Code and adds tons of features on top of the existing ones already in VS Code. It includes features like block comment generation using code snippets, run live demos of the script being edited, auto-closing JSX tags, and loads more

Benefits: helps you to write cleaner, more readable code, faster

typescript, react, snippet, javascript, productivity 

TypeScript Toolbox 🧰

TypeScript Toolbox provides improvements on the built-in extensions that come with VS Code. It lets you add and optimise imports as well as auto generate getters, setters and constructors

Benefits: lets you improve on the pre-existing code generation tools of VS Code

typescript, programming, vscode, programming tools, vscode extension

TypeScript Importer ⬆️

This extension automatically searches for TypeScript definitions in workspace files and provides all known symbols as completion items to allow code completion.

Benefits: saves you time

imports, productivity tool, developer productivity, automation, coding

Code Spell Checker

This one does what it says on the tin: checks the spelling within your code! It supports English US and English GB, with additional add-on dictionaries available.

Benefits: spots errors in your code, reducing potential bugs in production

linter, spellchecker, json, source code, multi-root ready

Kite Autocomplete 🪁

Kite is an AI-powered programming assistant that helps you write code faster by saving you keystrokes and showing you the right information at the right time. Kite supports all major programming languages, including TypeScript of course.

Benefits: saves you precious coding time

autocomplete, snippets, typescript, typescriptreact, method completion

ESLint ⚠️

VS Code does not come with a built-in linter so ESLint is a popular one which also supports TypeScript. The extension integrates ESLint into VS Code so you can see linting errors right in the editor and even fix them with Quick Fixes.

Benefits: helps you to adhere to clean coding practices to make things easier to read, either for yourself or others

linter, eslint, vscode, javascript, software development

JavaScript & Typescript Nightly 🦉

JavaScript & Typescript Nightly enables the nightly build of TypeScript (typescript@next), replacing VS Code's built-in TypeScript version used to power JavaScript and TypeScript IntelliSense.

Benefits: helps to ensure that the codebase stays healthy

nightly build, code health, javascript, typescript, vs code extension

MoveTS 📩

MoveTS is pretty self-explanatory; it allows you to move TypeScript files and folders and update their relative imports paths in your workspace

Benefits: successfully transfer your TS files with minimal effort

import, refactor, relative, imports, typescript

Snippets ✂️

Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns, such as loops or conditional-statements. Code Snippets enhance your VS Code experience by adding a slew of import/export triggers, class helpers, and method triggers.

Benefits: saves time and boosts productivity

snippets productivity, typescript, vscode, developer tools

Ponicode 🦄

If you choose to install just one extension from this list, we would have to recommend Ponicode 😉 Ponicode allows you to create, modify and visualise your unit tests in seconds, boosting your coverage with AI-powered test generation.

Benefits: assists you in the task of unit testing, saving you time while ensuring your code is well tested

code quality, unit tests, javascript, python, typescript

If you happen to know of another great VS Code extension that has made your coding life easier, you can let us and the community know on our Slack channel

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