The Freelance Developer toolbox

Best tools for freelance developers - The ultimate toolkit 

Being a freelance developer means being on all fronts. In order to successfully manage your projects under time and resource constraints while continuously feeding your sales pipeline and managing your business you need to have a bulletproof sense of organization. Fortunately there are more tools to support and accelerate your work than ever. These tools are all focused on reducing the gap to your goals: increase your revenue, deliver successful projects and let you focus on what you love the most: design innovative solutions. 

After spending an extended amount of time with our freelance developer users and since some of our team members have been freelancers themselves we decided to gather this ultimate freelance programmer toolkit to help the community to not miss out on the great solutions available out there.

This list also comes as we celebrate the release of our latest solution for freelance developers Ponicode TurboCov. We hope it will fit right in this list and that it will help you reach your goals as a developer and as a freelancer faster than ever.

Development tools


Node.js is a JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser, which allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. 

Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js, designed for building web applications and APIs. Express is the most popular framework for Node.js 

PostgreSQL. As a freelance software engineer the data storage solution you pick can be critical to your success. If your project scales quickly or in case of tight deadlines the wrong solution can generate an expensive cost  which can sink down your project profitability. PostgreSQL has recently become the go to solution, It’s free open source and has a lot of features.

Postman is the HTTP client to share, test and document APIs. It has a powerful low code user interface. You can send HTTP requests with parameters, test server behaviour for a particular API endpoint or consolidate requests, parameters, scripts into folders. Ultimately it’s useful to collaborate with the tech team on your client side and it will help you with either front or back-end work.

Front End

HTML5 Boilerplate is one of the most popular open source front end tools. It will accelerate website development by accelerating some tasks of your development process such as exporting existing pieces of code from a project to another.

MongoDB makes cloud based data affordable, flexible and accessible. The tool is easy to onboard and has a very user-friendly interface. It’s famous for its big community of users that you can rely on for support.


Intellij IDEA is Jetbrains’ IDE. Many developers love IntelliJ smart features such as the powerful code completion feature. The only downside compared to VS Code or Atom is that it is not free.

Visual Studio Code the most popular open source IDE on the market supports debugging, does intelligent code completion and caters for snippets. IT goes along with a very active marketplace (Ponicode should be your first extension ;)


GitHub open-source repository hosting service. Is there much to say here? You will probably have to use them to collaborate with your client unless he uses Gitlab or an other smaller service.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure as a Service or Heroku cloud platform as a service can enable you to deploy your web application. They include compute power, database storage, content delivery amongst many other features essential to your business growth. If you are working on a MVP use Heroku but the power of AWS will support the growth and scalability of your project.

Firebase app-development platform. Develop your applications without any server-side code, host them and authenticate users using client-side code all thank to Firebase.

Cloudflare provides content delivery network (CDN). Additional benefits includes protection against DDoS attacks and SSL protection (both are SE boosters).

How to choose your testing framework

Language  Resources - Cheatsheets





10 TypeScript extensions for VS Code










NPM packages for accelerated development


Code quality Cheatsheet Create beautiful images for your code snippets

Business Tools 

Creative Commons: Use Creative Commons to license and protect your work.

Calendly For handling meetings with your prospects and portfolio.

Trello or Asana  Task management is at the heart of your project success. Choose your tool wisely with this comparative article.

Slack Communicate with your clients and partners all in one place. Last update: it’s now required to have a paid account to join an existing channel

Product Hunt Stay on top of new tools to accelerate your work

Ditto: If you’re copying and pasting lots of different lines of code, get it all organized with Ditto.

Basecamp: Use this superpowered productivity tool to stay on top of your to-dos, keep everything in one place, and send yourself reminders.


Bonsai A contract and invoice tool to reduce the time you spend on paperwork. You can invoice directly from Bonsai through a Stripe, Paypal & Coinbase solution.

Fiverr solution to contract management and invoicing has a generous free version at your disposal.

Hello Sign Fast, secure, and legally binding eSignatures for business. Free plan for up to 3 document signatures per month (and an affordable unlimited plan).

Less Accounting A customer relationship manager to deal with your invoices and stay on top of your clients.

Proposify create professional looking proposals in the blink of an eye from desktop or mobile.

Payment processing Tools

PayPal has a payment solution Be careful with the steep transaction fees.

Square allows you to accept credit card payments and get deposits the next day.

Mint enables you to see all financial accounts and information together in one dashboard and consequently  track your bills, budget, and investments efficiently.

Freshbooks or Quickbooks are competing accounting software with different features. Explore them to find which better fits your needs.

Social Media

Hootsuite & Buffer Social media platforms are key to client acquisition and brand awareness. Promote your portfolio and boost your marketing efforts with this amazing social media management tool to scale your prospect pipeline efficiently.

Canva will help you handle your social media strategy or build beautiful slides and designs for your clients with their drag and drop interface and bottomless librairies.

Time tracking

Harvest time-tracking tool with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and Quickbooks integrations. If you charge on a hourly basis you can send invoices straight from their app.

RescueTime monitors your screen activity and optimize your routine and project management.


Termius SSH Client for both desktop and mobile. Save servers and organize them in groups.

Mullvad VPN or Avast SecureLine. Are you doing what’s right to protect you and your client? 

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