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French AI Startup Ponicode Announces Partnership with Qwasar Silicon Valley, a Global Leader in Software Engineer Training

Paris-based startup Ponicode and Qwasar Silicon Valley announced a partnership to promote professional and well-written code, software development education and the growth of top-level techtalent in the industry.

Since its creation, Ponicode has strongly held the belief that good technical talent is not shaped by line items on a resume or CV but rather by the mindset, the energy and the values of an individual. Smart entrepreneurs and experienced engineers understand the power of such soft skills and the value that they offer, particularly to building cutting-edge products.

Qwasar Silicon Valley is one of very few training specialists globally who has the capacity and savoir-faire to nurture sought-after technical talent, regardless of a learner’s background. Backed by a tremendous amount of learning science, Qwasar uses a unique and proprietary combination of learning methods to foster critical skills demanded by Tier 1 tech companies in industry, namely, critical thinking, creativity, and structured problem solving.

Ponicode has developed an AI-powered tool for unit testing, helping to increase developer efficiency and the quality of code written and deployed. Any smart developer or software engineer can attest to the importance of testing code and creating test cases; Ponicode helps to significantly speed up testing, among other things. Ponicode has organically embedded its platform into an educational approach. 

The partnership between Ponicode and Qwasar Silicon Valley naturally flows from a unifying belief in the importance of professional and best-practice code, written to norms and well-tested. While Qwasar aims to bring state of the art learning technology to the world, testing code is an innate part of their programs and a means through which learners develop skills in test-driven development, unit testing, and how to efficiently write production-ready code.

Ponicode’s partnership with Qwasar Silicon Valley will promote:

  • beautiful, professional code as well as new standards of performance and code quality
  • nurturing new talent in the tech industry, including providing access to tools to create and develop production-ready software, tools which are also used in industry or for developing new products at startups. Ponicode is now downloaded in 60+ countries around the world and is used in leading companies across industries 
  • industry-leading innovations with a focus on software development tools, methods, and advancements.

As AI-assisted development is expected to become one of the biggest shifts in the 5 to 10 next years, helping developers to incorporate such tools into their development processes is essential in order to improve code quality, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and decrease time to market.

For all these reasons and thanks to Qwasar who took time to think with us about how we could create the most seamless synergy we are proud to announce that Qwasar will  introduce Ponicode to all its students. A unique opportunity for Ponicode to help students to improve their code quality as they progress through parts of the Qwasar programs.

Learn more about Ponicode and our ambitions for 2021 and beyond here. 🦄 🚀 🌈

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