Product Release: Unit Test GitHub Action

Are you confused between Ponicode and CircleCI? It’s not you, it’s us. Ponicode was acquired by CircleCI as of March 2022. The content and material published prior to this date remains under Ponicode’s name. When in doubt: Ponicode = CircleCI.

Hello Ponicode Community,

We are delighted to share the release of our new GitHub Action: Ponicode Unit Test


After working for 6 months on the improvement of our original VS Code Extension we decided that it just wasn’t enough to reach our goal: make beautiful code easier. So we brought our AI powered unit testing capability out of VS Code and we implemented it into a new GitHub Action to make your work easier and your code more robust.

After the Ponicode Dogstring GitHub Action, we renewed our wish to provide more tools to ensure quality and documentation at the CI level. With our new action, you can now enhance your workflow automation with one extraordinary action which will guarantee you a minimum test coverage on your JavaScript projects in minutes.

Set it up in a few clicks and let it do the work: our AI will scan your repository and automatically generate a pull-request featuring new unit tests for your untested functions. 

Review it & merge it. Within minutes you have augmented your project with suites of unit tests that you can then run in your local environment or your CI.

🚀. 🤖. 💙

Why did we build this? 

We have always considered our unit test extension for VS Code to be a tool for developers to use while they write code. They can obtain unit tests in seconds by either leveraging our AI-powered suggestion engine, or manually using the Ponicode interface.

But we were missing out on project managers and Lead Devs who shared quality control concerns in project development. We created this GitHub Action to help you ensure the robustness of your code at any point in time, automatically generating unit tests every time your code is committed. This means that you have a guarantee of a few unit tests accompanying each and every new fix, improvement or whole new feature that any member of the team might add. 

The Ponicode Unit Test action supports your teams and organisations by making it much easier to achieve test coverage objectives, and by drastically reducing the amount of untested code that can make it to production.

You can feel safer about how robust your code is and reduce maintainability issues. 

All the benefits of our original solution are available with GitHub Actions:

  • Move towards coding best practices and make your code more maintainable.
  • Generate unit tests in seconds and boost your team productivity
  • Find weaknesses in your code before your users do and save time to ship more features

🦾. 💻. 🤓

More about the specificities

This GitHub Action is using our original Artificial Intelligence, which was trained on millions of Javascript functions since its creation. For each function in your code, it will suggest a range of test scenarios in the form of input values, and run the function with them to generate a suite of complete test cases. Our new action can run on both private and public repositories.

You can set the new action up so it’s triggered at every pull request, or every time you push new code into a branch of your choice - or all branches for that matter. You can also decide whether you want it to be run on all the JavaScript code in your repository, or only on the files that were modified in the last commit.

Once again, we are committed to helping developers create maintainable, high-quality code throughout their coding journey. With this GitHub Action, we not only renew our dedication to reducing time spent on tasks peripheral to feature creation, but also help you increase the quality and the maintainability of your code effortlessly. Within minutes you can say goodbye to 0% test coverage for 100% of your code thanks to our GitHub Action.

And our extension for VS Code is always available for you to take your unit testing strategy one step further and get hands on in your unit tests. It complements our new GitHub Action perfectly: if you want to make any modifications to the tests produced by the action, you can do so easily using the Ponicode interface on VS Code - without the need to actually modify or add any line of code.

Our GitHub Action is live and available. It’s free and unlimited.

Try it now

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Why you should use our Github Action:

  • Code quality is a must; a thoroughly unit tested project shows to your clients, your team members, your management and all stakeholders in your projects that you are committed to manufacture software with the care and standards that our industry deserves.
  • Save time and money: the cost of bad code keeps growing year on year. The software industry can not begin to fathom how much our economy and innovation are negatively impacted by the time spent on fixing code. Unit tests are rooting themselves as the standardised layer at the foundation of quality code. They function as gatekeepers for bugs, and are a good measure for how robust a piece of code is. Thanks to Ponicode, unit tests are no longer a long and manual process. We make it fast and efficient, so that hours and hours spent on tests can become a thing of the past.
  • With Ponicode, you always stay in control of your code. We provide all the unit tests in a pull request and you decide if you want to merge or not.

What’s next?

This is a beta version (1.0.1) of our Unit test GitHub Action; we are committed to expanding this action to cover more languages and improve its performance and user experience over time. Your feedback is key to our success: our roadmap is led by our will to make this a beloved must-have for our users. Please reach out to us at to help us spot bugs and areas of improvement.

We hope you will enjoy it! 🦄 😁

Unicornely yours,

The Ponicode Team

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