Product Release: Ponicode TurboCov for freelancers

Ponicode is evolving!

We are proud to share the release of TurboCov our new solution for all developers who wish to deliver 80% code coverage without lifting a finger.

For our release we have designed a unique product dedicated to freelance developers. Freelancers’ needs regarding code quality seemed so specific and so aligned with Ponicode benefits that we wanted to craft something unique to cater to them and their clients. 

With TurboCov we are pushing the walls by enabling the automation of the production of unit tests with a 80% test code coverage reach for all your Typescript backend projects.

TurboCov for freelancers provides a simple platform interface that can be linked to your CI or your local development environment. Thanks to TurboCov you can reach 80% code coverage automatically thus effortlessly increasing your code maintainability and reducing regressions in your codebase. 

TurboCov is the missing product in the freelance production line. It enables to deliver homogeneous and high code coverage systematically in a ressource savvy approach. On top of an automation tool we provide users with a dashboard which supports freelancers' effort to provide information on their code quality to their clients. 

In this same interface our AI acts as a developer augmenting intelligence by providing an exhaustive list of actions to take to increase code robustness and it is able to prioritize these actions by identifying where your most at risk code is.

Support freelance programmers in every dimension

Successful freelance programmers are independent entrepreneurs whose responsibility is to deliver great software just as much as it is to increase productivity and margin control. Leading a software development project is always a challenging balance between business and technique. 

We developed TurboCov to support freelance programmers in every dimension:

  • The delivery of industrial grade software is accelerated thanks to AI-powered coverage-focused unit testing. Developers can save days on the unit testing part of their development cycle and focus on building sustainable added value for their clients.
  • The control of their project costs is increased thanks to our accelerating tool and to our freelance dashboard which updates developers on the cost and quality situation of their project.
  • A more report based approach to transparency and customer loyalty thanks to our client facing report enabling freelancers to share the scale of their code quality efforts and the level of their code robustness at delivery with their clients.

Ponicode fits the working environment of developers who want to have a tighter control over code quality while systematically meeting deadlines. TurboCov consequently help them increase their margin and their competitiveness. Beyond costs it is also a product made for those who want to strengthen their reputation and build customer loyalty around the systemic quality they are able to deliver. Last but not least TurboCov is a solution designed for those who want to cater to their clients' most important needs: reduce bugs in production, speed up time to delivery, reduce added technical debt.

TurboCov is now available for all Typescript backend projects. Our unique dashboard will provide KPIs to control your code quality costs, your coverage and the extent of under tested code. On top of this we are able to list out the critical functions to test ranked by the potential impact of your code quality weaknesses on the overall behavior of your application. 

Our solution is available for 29€ per month and let users access our IDE extension as well as our Bulk unit test functionality without restriction. Our solutions are enhanced by paid plan only premium features such as automatic mocking as well as an enterprise grade security setting in order to manipulate your clients code in a safe environment. 

TurboCov also opens doors to premium support with our team. We connect you with an account manager that can help you through every step of your TurboCov usage to make sure that you can get the best out of our tool.

Let’s get started today

 You can create your account in a few minutes through a simple one click authentication and a Stripe payment and immediately activate TurboCov on your first project. 

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