Product Release Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action

Hello dear Ponicode community,

We are very happy to introduce Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action: an action enabling you to  grade your testing suite and improve your code coverage accordingly at every Pull request!

Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action is the newest tool on the Ponicode platform to accelerate developers on their code quality journey.

It’s our second unit test GitHub Action and both are working together to build the most end to end experience we have ever built in the CI/CD.

🦄 Control and improve your code coverage at every PR with Ponicode SQUAR Github Action🦄

For all the projects handling a lot of untested legacy code and for all the developers who want to control that their code quality is at the right level before they put a new feature in production we have created this 2 steps safeguard. 

🔎 How does it work

First Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action generates a report for every PR where you can review the number of poorly tested critical functions and learn how to fix it.

Then you can run Ponicode Unit Test GitHub Action on this PR and accelerate the remediation of these weaknesses by generating missing unit tests, test cases and edge cases where Ponicode identified weaknesses.

Ponicode SQUAR report in the CI CD

💥 A new solution giving you access to code quality benefits effortlessly.

We want to increase the visibility you have over the state of your quality but we also want to use the power of artificial intelligence to point you in the right direction. With Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action and Ponicode Unit Test GitHub Action you can make sure your most sensitive code is identified and taken care of at speed.

Gain visibility over the state of your code quality - Stop monitoring your code and start getting actionable code quality information

Find out which action to take first to protect your riskiest code - Prioritise your code quality efforts

Raise your code quality fast thanks to developer augmenting tools - Accelerate the remediation of your code quality weaknesses on your high risk functions

With the release of SQUAR and the SQUAR GitHub Action we are sharing our unique technology capable of ranking your code by risk. Our formula is taking into account how much of an impact the function has on the overall behaviour of your application. This translates into getting a better visibility over how likely a weakness in a function could generate an impactful bug for your software. 

⁉️ Why should I use this GitHub Action

While designing this solution we wanted to make sure that code quality safeguards in the CI/CD was not only an option but an obvious best practice. With the right tool we are helping all developers to keep their risk sensitive code at a high test coverage, to avoid weaknesses from the most bug-prone functions and to reduce the chances of facing bugs in production. All of this without investing a high amount of time and resources.

If you want to get started with our GitHub Action as well as find out more about how to set it up or read some uses cases we’ve described you can head to our GitHub Action Read Me: Trigger test quality alerts for your incomplete unit test suites when performing a pull request, generate a code quality report and bootstrap remediation. 


Ponicode SQUAR Full

This new solution currently supports JavaScript and TypeScript. And it is accessible for everyone by collecting a user token on the Ponicode SQUAR app to generate your report and the Ponicode platform to trigger the Ponicode Unit Test GitHub Action.


It’s time to try it and share your feedback with our team. This Alpha release is just the first version of a solution we will improve and whose shape is meant to evolve to better fit your needs.If you have a bug or a feature request then please open a new issue or reach out to us on the Ponicode Slack community using the channel #help or #feedback starting your message with “Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action”

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