Ponicode Unit Test for VS Code in 1 minute


Let’s create a dummy store called User Store to act as a database and create a small function that will add a user to the store if the user has the correct format.

A small pony icon ill appear on the left side of your panel as soon as the function is defined. This means that you can right click on your function and select the Ponicode unit test to access the Ponicode interface where you will find all the input suggestions our AI could think of.

You will see some well fitting suggestions as well as some edge cases that you might want to test.

You can run test cases individually, make sure that the expectations are good. Then you can validate them and add them to your test file.

When you are done you can access your automatically generated unit-test file.

And everything is done for you without having to write a single line of unit test code.

start automating your unit tests today
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