Ponicode TypeScript Types Support Recap

This page is updated on a quarterly basis. 

You will find the list of all TypeScript types supported by the Ponicode VS Code extension as well as the one you should expect for release in the coming months.

Last update 01/04/2021

We consider that types are supported by Ponicode when they fulfill the following criterias:

  • Ponicode can reconstruct the types
  • Ponicode can suggest values for the types
  • Ponicode can write the tests containing the types

Supported types:

  • Basic types (number, string, undefined, boolean, null, arrays, object)
Basic types

  • Interfaces without method
Interfaces without method

  • Simple type alias
Simple type alias

  • Nested type alias
Nested type alias

  • Type alias with method
Type alias with method

  • Unions


  • Intersections

  • Literal types
Literal types

  • Generics


  • Enums

  • Utility types (Partial, Required, Read-Only, Nonnullable, Parameters, ConstructorParameters, ReturnType, InstanceType) 
Utility types

  • Classes without nesting
Classes without nesting

  • Nested Instances 
Nested instances

  • Classes with static Constructors
Classes with static constructors

  • Callbacks

Not yet supported but on the next quarter roadmap


  • Interfaces with method
Interfaces with method

  • Utility types (Record, Pick, Omit, Exclude, Extract, ThisParameterType, OmitThisParameter, ThisType, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Uncapitalize) 
Utility types

  • Symbols 

  • Interfaces with keys which are not hardcoded 
Interfaces with keys which are not hardcoded 

What’s next

This is an ongoing product development for Ponicode and your help and feedback is key to our roadmap.

If there is a type that we didn’t take into account but really matters to the success of your unit testing journey you can send a message on our Ponicode Slack on the #feedback channel

If there is a type on our roadmap that should have a high priority according to you please ping us on #feedback about it

If you encounter any issue with the supported type please shoot us a message on #help

We hope that you are going to enjoy our Typescript support to build your unit tests.

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