Ponicode is launching a podcast!

It’s finally here! After much work behind the scenes of the Ponicode World, we’re excited to finally welcome you to The Ponicast; a magical platform where we will bring you pressing industry issues, fascinating guests, and of course, a little bit of that Ponicode sparkle.

We wanted to launch our own podcast to try and tackle new and old challenges alike that are facing companies in the ever-evolving world of business today. Through this podcast we aim to deliver guidelines, best practices, opinions and personal anecdotes through debate and conversation with industry experts and decision makers. Thanks to the ecosystem in which Ponicode is evolving, we believe we can bring many different types of stakeholders to the table, each with individual experiences and fresh perspectives. 

As software becomes more and more of an asset to companies across all sectors, we will use these bite-sized monthly episodes to bring topical issues to light, both tech related and business related, targeting management and decision makers across all industries.

The Ponicast will be hosted by our very own Christophe Shaw. Christophe is a software engineer specialised in business development and is currently Chief Revenue Officer at Ponicode. Christophe has many years experience in tech, business and marketing, from founding his own companies to working his way up the ranks of Microsoft France, before hopping on board the crazy Ponicode ride. We believe Christophe will be the perfect host to engage our guests and get some sparks flying.

Our first episode will focus on an issue very close to Ponicode’s heart; code quality. Christophe will be joined by Edouard Morhange, CEO of Epicery and Dali Kilani, CTO of Lifen, to discuss software, quality, and what that means to them.

NB: for French listeners only 🇫🇷