Ponicode introduces AI-powered SQUAR GitHub Action

Ponicode introduces AI-powered SQUAR GitHub Action feature enabling developers to  efficiently evaluate and address code quality 

New feature goes beyond solely identifying bugs in code, but provides guidance on how to address faults as well 

PARIS, FRANCE – November 8, 2021 – Ponicode, the AI-driven code quality platform, has today announced the launch of Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action, a new machine-learning powered tool increasing visibility into code quality by enabling developers to grade their testing suite and receive detailed instructions on how to improve their code coverage accordingly at every pull request (PR). This new feature is Ponicode’s third GitHub Action, and when combined with the previously released Ponicode Unit Test GitHub Action, can help automate the process of addressing discovered vulnerabilities in developers’ code. 

Ponicode SQUAR GitHub Action works by generating a report for every PR in which developers can review the number of poorly tested critical functions and learn how to fix them. After receiving a reading on the quality of the code, developers can then run Ponicode Unit Test GitHub Action on the same pull request and accelerate the remediation of these weaknesses by generating missing unit tests, test cases and edge cases where Ponicode identified weaknesses. Together, these GitHub Actions empower developers to: 

  • Gain visibility over the state of their code quality - Allowing them to move beyond simply monitoring their code and start getting actionable code quality information
  • Find out which action to take first to protect their riskiest code - Utilizing unique technology capable of ranking code by risk, the formula takes into account how much of an impact each function has on the overall behavior of a developer’s application 
  • Raise their code quality fast thanks to developer augmenting tools - Accelerate the remediation of developers’ code quality weaknesses on their high risk functions

With SQUAR GitHub Action, Ponicode is helping all developers to keep their risk sensitive code at a high-test coverage, to avoid weaknesses from the most bug-prone functions and to reduce the chances of facing bugs in production. All of this without investing a high amount of time and resources and relieving developers of tedious, time-consuming tasks.

“Non-coding and process-related tasks including documentation writing and testing can take up more than 50% of a developer’s time, however, the cost of running bad quality code is estimated to reach over $85 billion a year,” said Baptiste Bouffaut, Ponicode CTO. “Ponicode’s GitHub Actions, including SQUAR, were designed to automate these processes and make developers' coding journey smoother, allowing them the opportunities to focus on the creative and innovative aspects of their jobs.”

With SQUAR GitHub Action, Ponicode moves one step further into the AI code landscape, with the two-year-old startup already claiming more than 15,000 users and generating hundreds of thousands of unit tests. This new tool comes at a moment when the market for AI code solutions has experienced rapid evolution, with companies like GitHub now claiming that their AI programming tool is responsible for suggesting as high as 30% of the current code being pushed into production, and legacy companies including Intel also making moves to penetrate the code quality market. 

This new Ponicode SQUAR Github Action solution currently supports JavaScript, TypeScript and Python. Both Ponicode SQUAR and Ponicode Unit Test Github Actions are available to everyone on the Github marketplace: https://github.com/marketplace/actions/ponicode-squar and https://github.com/marketplace/actions/ponicode-unit-test.  

About Ponicode 

Ponicode is a Paris-based startup founded in 2019 who’s ambitions is to enable software engineers to create high quality code with velocity. Ponicode provides a set of tools to assist developers in performing quality-related tasks at higher speeds than ever thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Developers using Ponicode can focus on creating new software with the confidence that they do it with industrial-grade level of quality. Learn more at https://www.ponicode.com/.

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