Ponicode Dogstring: our docstring generation GitHub Action

Are you confused between Ponicode and CircleCI? It’s not you, it’s us. Ponicode was acquired by CircleCI as of March 2022. The content and material published prior to this date remains under Ponicode’s name. When in doubt: Ponicode = CircleCI

Hello Ponicode community,

Today we are on Product Hunt to celebrate the release of our first ever Github Action: Ponicode Dogstring.

🦄 🚀 🌈 🤖

Simply put, it’s a GitHub Action that creates a docstring for every function of your Python projects. By leveraging our AI-powered solution with the GitHub Action format, you can now enhance your workflow automation in a matter of seconds, and ensure your code never goes undocumented again.

You are only a few clicks away from feeling the Ponicode magic: our AI will scan all the Python files in your repo and automatically create docstring suggestions for every undocumented function in your file.

There's more!

We created a fun Dogstring playground to satisfy your curiosity!

You can write any Python function and see what our AI has in store for you. Play as much as you want with our playground, we hope that it becomes as useful to your daily life as Google Translate is to the non-native English speakers in our team. When you are ready to go big you can use our Github Action to generate docstring in bulk for all the functions in your Python files.


We need you! 💙 🙏

Help spread the word as much as possible!

Go try our Github Action on your GitHub repository today and share feedback and comments on our Product Hunt Page. This new solution is still in beta and your take on this tool will help us improve it and take it to the next level. We want to give you the best user experience!

Dogstring for Docstring GitHub Action
Check out our new docstring generation GitHub Action on Product Hunt!

Why did we create this new tool?

Describing each function is a long and slow process that does not always bring instant gratification to the code creator, but it is considered as an absolute best practice in the industry, and a big step towards high code quality. It ensures that code is smoothly and soundly handed to— and quickly understood by other stakeholders in your projects. What’s more, over time it helps to look back at your function and understand what you initially meant them to do. Ultimately, this will empower you to quickly identify a function in the midst of your code.

🧐 🤓 💻 🕑

Docstrings are usually located right after the function definition and they are meant to give essential information in the least amount of words. That is exactly what our GitHub Action does. The docstrings generated by Ponicode Dogstring include a one-line description of the function behaviour, and an optional listing of all the function arguments – featuring the name of each input parameter, its type and a description that can be filled by you at a later date. You can play with the Github Action settings to make sure only the information you need is added to your function.

The Ponicode team felt that it was essential to make sure you can get 100% docstring documentation through your code instantaneously, so you can focus on code creation without worrying about documentation.

Beyond unit testing, we are committed to helping developers create maintainable, high-quality code throughout their coding journey. With this GitHub Action, we not only renew our dedication to reduce time spent on tasks peripheral to pure code creation, but also help you increase the quality and the shareability of your code.

Dogstring for Docstring GitHub Action

Using our knowledge in deep learning, we created an AI fed by over 400,000 Python functions in order to learn how to create docstrings automatically for every single function in your repos. We scan your repo, take all your Python files as an input and provide you in return with a pull request where all the missing docstrings have been automatically generated and implemented in the right location. Within minutes, we create a pull request that adds documentation for all functions and files  on the branch of your choice. Once you have reviewed our AI suggestions, you can approve the pull request and finally claim to have docstrings on 100% of your Python code.

Our GitHub Action is live and accessible. It’s free and unlimited.


Why you should use our Github action:

  • Docstrings on 100% of your Python files. Code cleanliness is a must; it shows to your clients, your team members, your management and all stakeholders in your projects that you are committed to making your code shareable and clean, while also helping to reduce legacy and collaboration constraints.
  • Save time and money for your company: studies of software maintainers have shown that approximately 50% of their time is spent in the process of understanding the code that they have to maintain. We’ve set our sights on solving this and making this observation obsolescent. For us, it all starts with our GitHub Action.
  • Stay in control. With Ponicode, you always stay in control of your code. We create a new branch with the documented functions, we never replace an existing docstring and you decide if you want to merge it to your master branch or not. We believe AI can assist software engineers to make their coding journey more pleasant.

What’s next?

This is a beta version (0.1) of our Docstring generation GitHub Action; we are committed to expanding this Github Action to cover more languages and improve its user experience over time. As our AI is still very young, we are excited to see how much it will improve as it gets trained on an increasing number of functions and how it will increasingly autocorrect its mistakes. For now, our team is still very hands-on with it and is actively working on assisting the AI with its learning process.

Again, your feedback is essential to the success of this GitHub Action. Please reach out to our team on our Product Hunt today or on our community Slack to help us spot bugs and areas of improvements for this GitHub Action. Your voice matters to us!

We hope you will enjoy it! 🦄 😁

Bye for now,

The Ponicode Team

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