New official CircleCI Visual Studio Code Extension

Hello Ponicode community,

It has already been 9 month since Ponicode was acquired by CircleCI and we have not given a lot of news. The reason for this is that we have been working hard on the next steps for our team.

Since March 2020 the Ponicode team has become the Developer Experience team of CircleCI, a research and development unit dedicated to improving the experience developers have crafting and delivering software. 

Our new mission to accelerating developers where they are and where they need it the most led us to our first milestone today!

We are very proud to release our new VS Code Extension, the official CircleCI VS Code Extension making continuous integration and continuous delivery easier than ever for all CircleCI users.

What’s in this extension? It’s very simple, we have tried to support developers in two key moments of their CICD experience.

First when they are writing a YAML config file, by bringing the right information to them, letting them navigate their file more easily and spot flaws in their file and fix them more efficiently.

Second, when they have workflows running, by enabling them to get live information on their workflows and jobs and letting them take actions on those from the comfort of their favorite code editor. 

You can watch a quick demo of each side of this new extension below:

Let’s recap the features of this new extension

Configuration Helper

  • Syntax validation: highlights typos, invalid parameters, invalid commands with info when hovering on the error. Access to all the issues found in your file through the problems panel.
  • Syntax highlighting: enhance default highlighting to clearly identify keywords and different parts of the config file
  • Hover information: when hovering over commands or orb names the user can access contextual information (documentation and parameters).
  • Go to definition: access in one click the definition of your orb, job, command or executor to understand the structure to follow and parameters required
  • Go to references: from the orb, job, command or executor definition find in one click all locations where it is being called
  • Autocomplete: autocompletion suggestions are available to the user for required parameters, existing commands and known blocks of configuration.Thanks to context aware autocompletion create your config file faster than ever.

Pipeline Manager

  • Status bar: Keep continuously informed over the status of your latest workflow thanks to a status bar available at the bottom of your IDE.
  • Notifications: customize CircleCI notifications to get real time updates of workflow status changes. 
  • Sidebar: Details of all your pipelines, workflow and jobs status available in the IDE

                Access your CircleCI history

                Download your job’s list of artifacts and the artifacts themselves from the IDE

                Access your test details (name, status, runtime)

                Rerun workflows (from the start, from failed, 

               Cancel workflows and jobs

               Approve jobs on hold

               Access your workflows, jobs and pipelines details in the browser in one click

  • Sidebar filtering options

              Filter your pipeline against all pipelines 

              Filter one branch against all branches, 

              Filter by status

This extension is available for free starting today on the Visual Studio Code marketplace. You will just need a token from your CircleCI account to activate all Pipeline Manager features.

We are very eager to hear your feedback as we are planning to increment this new extension with more capabilities in the coming month. Please reach out with your remarks and ideas to CircleCI Discuss forum and give us a rate on the vs code marketplace.

Meanwhile we are still maintaining the Ponicode extension and our work on unit test acceleration is not over. Far from it. We keep working on it and we hope to be able to share news very soon.

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Best Regards,

The Developer Experience team of CircleCI

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