Discover the Developer Experience team with Alexandre Savigny


Hi, I'm Alexander. I work in product marketing for the Developer Experience team.  

I love working at the Developer Experience team because of the product. We work at creating things that have never been invented before and that is super exciting. And to do that we need to have a very 360 mindset. We need to think about how our work needs to integrate and leverage the best out of other people's work. The one of data scientists through artificial intelligence, of software engineers, of project managers, and that's really interesting. 


What is the developer Experience team working on at the moment? Well, it's all around shifting left. I think we really believe in the team that helping developers to shift left is going to improve their developer experience. And so shifting left, how does it work? It works through automation through better tooling through improved processes. So those are the things that we try to bring to developers.  


What is CircleCI ambition? Well, one of the things I got most excited about when I joined CircleCI is to see their vision statement. Software is an idea problem, never a delivery problem. And our mission is to manage change so software teams can innovate faster. I think it's a really ambitious but exciting mission.  

Thank you very much for watching this video. We currently have open positions at the Developer Experience team of CircleCI, so click in the link below and just apply today.

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