Discover the Developer Experience team with Baptiste Bouffaut


Baptiste Bouffaut: Hello I’m Baptiste, I’m an engineering manager of the developer experience team within CircleCI

What does the life of a Software engineer at CircleCI look like?

Baptiste Bouffaut: A day in the developer experience team is a mix between the job, the development activities but we also have team building activities, we have demo time, we have share and care session once a week, a session where everyone has the occasion to talk about anything, the life in the team, about the jo and where everyone listen to everyone. This is important.

We also have sharing sessions. We call developer experience inspiration. This is a session where anyone in the team can share knowledge and findings on technical things, on market, on competition. That’s one of the ways we enable the team to grow by leveraging the knowledge of everyone in the team.

What exciting challenges the team is facing right now?

Baptiste Bouffaut: We are currently in a very exciting position. Even though Ponicode is no longer and we are CircleCI. It’s still in an entrepreneurship project because we still are trying to find new things, we want to invent new technologies so we are all the time trying to find product market fit, trying to find products that bring value to our users.So it's quite exciting but also quite challenging because it’s still entrepreneurship and everything is not crystal clear and that’s definitely exciting.

What is the most surprising thing about working at CCI?

Baptiste Bouffaut: It’s been 6 months since we’ve been acquired by CircleCI and it has been a great journey. CircleCI is an inspiring company, they want to innovate.

Even though it’s a 10 years old company they still want to bring new things, create great new things and build technology that lasts and that’s very amazing. What also surprised me is the care, people take time to take care of each and everyone. I love that. It’s a very good balance, an exciting journey and a careful environment. 

One thing that you are most excited for in 2023?

Baptiste Bouffaut: Well 2023 will be a great year. We will do a lot of research and development. We will try to innovate even more than we currently are. There are a lot of expectations behind the developer experience because we are on the strategic path of CircleCI. So for sure this  year will be very exciting

Thank you for listening. Just to let you know we are the developer experience team mainly based in Paris France and we are looking for great talents in software engineering, in data science, in management so please feel free to reach out and join us in this journey.

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