Developing Communities: Episode 1

I am delighted to introduce our community to Developing Communities, a podcast about all things developer relationships. Since the beginning of our journey at Ponicode, we've discovered how much the developer community is involved with young projects like ours. For the past 2 years we received support, feedback and ideas about code quality from passionate developers. Along the way we've met numerous tech evangelists who are continuously at the heart of resource creation for the developer community. This open source and learning-focused aspect of the developer community made us want to be more involved and that is how we partnered up with Mackenzie Jackson to create this podcast. From dev conferences to how to build amazing documentation, we will be covering the journey we are currently on, immersing ourselves in the community and how it helps us improve and rethink the developer experience of Ponicode.

Join us on this adventure and find out more about amazing international guests. We hope you'll get plenty of inspiration to grow your own developer community.

In Episode 1, we are introducing ourselves and discussing online events. The developer community was already familiar with the online world, but the pandemic forced us all to live the true digital experience. Did it bring better experiences or just ZOOM fatigue? We share it all with Mackenzie Jackson from Gitguardian.

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