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CircleCI completes acquisition of Ponicode

Hello dear community,

It’s a special day today as we are officially announcing that Ponicode has been acquired by CircleCI. This acquisition will reinforce CircleCI's capacity to accelerate developers and organizations to deliver high quality software fast and efficiently.

It’s an honour for us to take our project to the next level by joining forces with a Silicon Valley leading startup. CircleCI has been at the forefront of software development, leading the CI/CD ecosystem with cutting edge solutions since 2011. They believe, just like we do, that the future of the software industry lies in the hands of developers and their mission, very aligned with ours, is to support developers with advanced capabilities to reach their goals.

Joining the 650 team members of CircleCI on this journey is an amazing opportunity for us and I am very thankful for Jim Rose, CEO of CircleCI, and the entire CircleCI team for their trust. This acquisition enables Ponicode to benefit from CircleCI know-how and boost our capacity to build new shift-left enabling features. Together we will define the future of code quality in the CI/CD, creating value for every developer to deliver pristine code quality. 

The spirit and vision of CircleCI echoes ours: deliver state-of-the-art code quality and developer happiness focused solutions in order to build a sustainable future for the software industry.

I can only reflect on the past 3 years and feel proud of what we have achieved thanks to the team and thanks to our community of users. The covid-imposed distance, the research and development effort and the rapid growth of our team created unexpected challenges that we have passionately tackled. On top of it the continuous feedback and support from our users boosted us every step of the way. Over 20,000 people have already signed up to Ponicode to accelerate their code quality efforts. Since 2019 our platform has kept growing and our technology leveraging the power of artificial intelligence has increased in speed and accuracy. We are now supporting developers to improve their code quality effortlessly in more languages and with more granularity than ever and we are capable of doing it from the IDE to CI/CD.

This acquisition creates a milestone for us, it is a moment to reflect over what we have achieved and how we have navigated this path. Always keeping developers and the value we bring to them at sight. It also gives us an opportunity to look forward to the bright future there is for our vision.

What you can expect in the future is for Ponicode’s advanced capabilities to be available in CircleCI’s CI/CD platform and for CircleCI and Ponicode teams to join forces into designing more shift-left friendly features. In the words of Jim Rose, CEO of CircleCI “Ponicode’s team of data scientists and software engineers have developed an AI engine to spare software engineers from performing tedious tasks while simultaneously improving technical debt management. Their focus in AI will better help our customers surface intelligence and automation directly to their workflows. The acquisition of Ponicode also opens the ability for CircleCI to hire in France, giving us access to unparalleled talent in the French technology ecosystem.” 

CircleCI is a continuity for us. A step forward in this once-in-a-generation task of rethinking and reshaping how developers build software. As part of CircleCI we have more certainty than ever that we will be meaningful stakeholders to the software manufacturing revolution. 

Thanks to CircleCI’s vision and resources we are now uniquely positioned to lead this shift and I am thrilled to find out the challenges and successes we will meet on the road. I am also looking forward to growing the team with new members to help us fulfill our new targets. Our Paris office, as a France extension to CircleCI HQ, is seeking software engineers and data scientists who want to take on the challenge of boosting developers in their coding life and help them ship high quality software systematically.

I think it is worth repeating that with this new step in the life of our organization our focus stays unchanged, our ship keeps its course and our community can expect more support from us than ever. I hope you will keep challenging our work and supporting our efforts as much as you did until now.

Beyond my deepest gratitude for the team and the community, I want to thank everyone who supported our project in words or in actions. Of course the strongest advocates for Ponicode were our customers, our partners, our investors but also the French and European startup ecosystem, Station F, Microsoft AI Factory. Even our harshest critics get our recognition today for helping us to be where we are.

Of course, Ponicode would not exist without the team and I’m personally grateful for the three co-founders that I have had the chance to work with since day one: Benedetta Dal Canton, Simon Guilliams and Edmond Aouad. Their creativity, tireless efforts, work ethic, wit and generosity made and keeps making this journey particularly exciting.

We are now part of the CircleCI team and, if you have not already, I can only encourage you to discover CircleCI solutions today and sign up to keep updated with how Ponicode will support the acceleration of developers in the CI/CD from now on.

Best Regards,

Patrick Joubert

In a nutshell:

  • Ponicode, a leading AI-powered testing platform, announced today its acquisition by CircleCI.
  • CircleCI is a Silicon Valley leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform since 2011.
  • Ponicode will combine its testing capabilities with CircleCI’s CI/CD platform 
  • Ponicode and CircleCI join forces to increase software quality and velocity through shift left enabling solutions.
  • Ponicode’s aim remains unchanged: reduce the inefficiencies many developers experience day-to-day, so that they can focus on spending time building and delivering business value. 

About CircleCI
CircleCI is the leading continuous integration and delivery platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is used by the world's best engineering teams to radically reduce the time from idea to execution. The company has been recognized as an innovative leader in cloud-native continuous integration by independent research firms and industry awards like the DEVIES, Forbes’ Best Startup Employers of the Year, and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in downtown San Francisco with a global, remote workforce, CircleCI is venture-backed by Base10, Greenspring Associates, Eleven Prime, IVP, Sapphire Ventures, Top Tier Capital Partners, Baseline Ventures, Threshold Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Owl Rock Capital, Next Equity Partners, Heavybit and Harrison Metal Capital.

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