CircleCI acquires Ponicode

On March 9th 2022 CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery startup, officially announced its acquisition of Ponicode.

Patrick Joubert, (ex CEO of Ponicode - Head of Developer Experience at CircleCI) explained in a blog post available here what this announcement means for the future of the Ponicode team and its activities.

This acquisition will reinforce CircleCI's capacity to accelerate developers and organizations to deliver high quality software fast and efficiently.

Ponicode’s ethos around improving the lives of developers and getting to production faster aligns perfectly with CircleCI mission to help software teams to manage change so they can innovate faster. As a result, this acquisition increases CircleCI ability to serve developers, relieve them of their least-loved tasks, and continue to support them in delivering high quality software, quickly, and at scale. You can read CircleCI's full announcement in this CircleCI blog post.

In the wake of this announcement, IDC published a commentary deciphering the strategic impact of this acquisition for CircleCI and how this new chapter portends a more fundamental transformation of the industry toward shift left enabling solutions. CircleCI aims to leverage the Ponicode technology to facilitate access to ‘shift left’ software development by releasing the pressure from high code quality processes such as unit testing.

IDC's 2021 Accelerated Application Delivery Survey also found that almost a third of the organizations surveyed struggle with test automation, relying on manual testing and sporadic automation (IDC #US47924622, Jan 2022). In line with those findings, the survey also identified test automation as a high priority for software development and delivery organizations in 2022.”*

Moreover the IDC Link comments on the potential of Artificial Intelligence integration for CircleCI. In its initial statement CircleCI underlines the benefit for its users of enriching the platform with machine learning: “Our acquisition of Ponicode will allow you to apply the power of AI to identify the highest priority gaps to fill, and in many cases, write your tests for you.”

The IDC analysis reflects on this aspect of the acquisition, underlining that the omnipresence of AI-on-code in developer tools is inevitable “Beyond engaging in the developer's daily work, Ponicode will bring more mature AI/ML capabilities to the CircleCI platform. IDC predicts by 2025, 75% of newly developed applications will include some automatically generated code, freeing up humans to focus on development tasks that are not easily automated.

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And if you want to investigate the IDCLink and better understand how CircleCI’s latest acquisition reinforces its presence in the developer tooling landscape you can find the full IDC in the PDF viewer below or in this link.

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*Source: IDC Link, CircleCI "Shifts Left" with AI in Ponicode Acquisition, March 11, 2022

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