Celebrating our 2 years anniversary

Are you confused between Ponicode and CircleCI? It’s not you, it’s us. Ponicode was acquired by CircleCI as of March 2022. The content and material published prior to this date remains under Ponicode’s name. When in doubt: Ponicode = CircleCI.

Since we celebrated Ponicode’s 2 years anniversary over the summer we reflected on the team growth and how we tried to also innovate when it comes to team collaboration and talent management. And maybe convinced you to join the team as we are opening a range of new positions to applications for this last quarter.

A 2 year momentum

Two years can be both the longest and the shortest time for a startup. It’s enough time to take it to the next step or simply run out of power. For Ponicode 2 years was the right amount of time to root ourselves into the startup scene and set some important milestones: a €3 millions fundraise in seed level, the launch of our first public beta, followed up by a unique GitHub action, a powerful research & development workforce creating a unique artificial intelligence, the launch of a business offer, as well as SQUAR the tooled auditing service to guide businesses in their code quality strategy…

As the team grew from 6 to 20 people within a year - Data scientists, software engineers, business developers - Ponicode developed a unique AI-based solution for code quality among the most innovative in the sector. The freemium model has already convinced over 13,000 users across the world (and counting). The team now wishes to take things forward by gradually supporting an increasing range of languages and integrated development environments. 

Co-responsibility and talent management

Patrick Joubert, founder and CEO of our company, set up since the very creation of the company a strong company culture turned toward co responsibility, transversal collaboration and horizontal management structure. This commitment is reflected by the unique onboarding process we built, the complete playbook of both formal and informal know-how we share with the new members or the “open mic” meetings we held on a weekly basis. We also benefit from the counseling of a psychology and HR coach, Magali Kruiper Blanchais and her coaching office Magnitude. Our coach works with us to ensure the complementarity of collaborators. The goal of her intervention is to accelerate the integration of new members and make sure that the team has a positive dynamic at heart and can collaborate at scale. 

I am delighted to work with Patrick Joubert for Ponicode as much as I did for his previous companies. I always investigate the comfort zone of new members of the team to understand how to maximize their work environment and make sure they can share their talents and energy to the fullest.” explains Magali Kruiper Blanchais.

Her guidance enables us to perform talent management in the strict sense, meaning we nurture talents to support the project by celebrating team member’s strengths and finding the best collaboration dynamics.

Patrick Joubert has a smart approach to talent management: he does not want a team of clones and he embraces the uniqueness of his team members. For him the goal has never been to standardize but, on the contrary, he builds value from fostering diversity. He understands the necessity to let his team grow and to respect their skills and sometimes their contradictions. In order to do this, he has established a culture of introspection and discussion which enable honest feedback between members over each and everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement." she adds.

Self governance and overcoming obstacles

Patrick Joubert is a strong advocate of autonomous work and surpassing oneself and he has a high level of expectations for his team regarding this. At Ponicode, excellence must be a standard in both mindset toward success and technical skills. To keep that sense of excellence, Patrick Joubert makes sure each member has a real sense of their personal impact in the company's success and that we are all aligned with the company’s vision and ambition. To push things further, Magali helps the team on this by giving counseling to Patrick Joubert regarding his management choices. Benevolence, nondiscrimination, respect, and open mindedness are the key concepts leading his choices.

Magali’s work is an important asset to the team's success. She’s been following me since I founded my first company” explains Patrick Joubert. “Thanks to her I’ve come to understand that if you want to really unleash the potential of each person you shouldn’t try to make them fit a box. The more you learn about one’s specificities and uniqueness the more you achieve great work with them. The guidance you get from a HR coach like Magali is a true asset for the company. She creates on day 1 awareness for each member on these topics and she enables us to step back and embrace the big picture and see what we are trying to achieve together as a team." 

Recruitment boost

This dynamic pushed the company to announce that an extra 15 software engineering positions as well as sales and customer success positions were now open for applications for this last quarter. Data scientists, software engineers and business developers from all over the world are already collaborating on the project. This cultural (and educational background) melting pot enables a unique emulation and boosts creativity. The team is continuously looking for new talents who will challenge the technology and the product so that Ponicode stays on the edge of machine learning and AI on code innovation.

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