Best of Product Hunt Launches

Product Hunt, the place that works magic for product geniuses and hunters to uncover groundbreaking tools, contents & more. A simple concept that allows users to upvote their favourite product: the ranking is displayed directly in the homepage and you can follow in real time which one gets favoured by the community. Finishing in the top 5 puts you in the spotlight and means fame, growth and success for hunters & makers. You have certainly already heard of companies which have made their debuts in this crazy race around the clock to the top #1 Product Hunt such as Slack for example which ended with 16K upvotes. 

Given the passion developed for Product Hunt, we decided to tell you a bit more about top launches that we came across in the tech universe, from tools boosting your productivity to revolutionary AI. 

Gazepass, smart API login

Imagine if you didn’t have to login anymore? That is Gazepass job! It allows you to login passwordlessly using more modern technologies which are quite widespread nowadays like authenticating thanks to your Google account or using a webcam or native biometrics. No need to find this post-it where you “safely” keep every password. 

Codestream for smoother reviews

A simple and effective way to easily collaborate for the dev teams in order to understand and review code. Codestream is the must have tool to enhance your teams’ productivity when it comes to the arduous task of code reviews. 

Duolingo bots to learn how to speak proper! 

What better use case for virtual bots than adapting to the user’s level in a foreign language? Meet your new English, French or Japanese teacher! Bots made by Duolingo, thanks to which you can practice in whatever language you want to learn. Golden Kitten Awards winning product, these bots are super effective and come up with a different reply every time. That might be the end of Ken and his umbrella in the kitchen or my tailor is rich for the French natives browsing through here ;) 

Tango building your doc for you

Building documentation can be a bit of a pain, doing all the process all over again simply to have it stored and accessible somewhere is not the most appealing task in your job. Tango found the solution for everyone! While actually doing what you need to document, this extension allows you to make screenshots, screen recordings so you only need to add a bit of description where it is needed. They even organise your assets step by step, if this isn’t mindblowing! No more excuses when you don’t know how to use something properly from now on. 

Paragon, build API workflows easily

With companies becoming more and more digital but having usually less than 1% tech people within their teams, the need to streamline software development is pressing. Paragon started with a solution to visually build API workflows easily using simple drags and drops with pre-set blocks like database, queries etc. Allowing non-tech talents to understand what this is all about. 

We hope this top launches gave you food for thought :)  

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