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Best of Coding Tools

Product Hunt being a gold mine, we thought we could dig a little bit in the best of coding tools which will help you bring you to the next level! These tools and apps are all connected to the software development world from hiring to workflows management. 

If you are looking for new tools to optimise your time spent on coding, collaborate or find a job, you have come to the right place! One of our personal favourite should fulfill your expectations. 

Without any further due let’s begin with a serious one for a change 😏

Bloop, the VS Code exoskeleton

Don’t tell us you’ve never searched code examples for a particular function, we wouldn’t believe you. Well now, you can use Bloop! A true search engine in VS Code for your TypeScript & JavaScript projects. Bloop is able to retrieve information thanks to AI from existing library directly in the IDE. No need to keep that browser tab open anymore while coding! 

User Inyerface, or UI Hell

A fun and interactive one this time. We don’t want to ruin the surprise by saying too much but let’s say this: User Inyerface is one of the only UI which will make you laugh and cry at the same time. We really don’t want to say more but we highly recommend you to try it and tell us how long it took you to fill in the form

HelpHub, when GPT-3 says it better than you

We have seen a lot of these AI tools flourishing in the marketing and specifically copywriting world, but HelpHub is powered by GPT-3 and as a team counting several data scientists, we couldn’t just stop by and say nothing. HelpHub is a simple yet very effective application of GPT-3 because it will take care of writing articles for you based on one or several short assessments. And no, this article is not written by a robot, you can tell because of our sense of humour. 

Coder’s Rank, your coding journey in graphs

This tool genuinely allows you to show off your experience as a software engineer. Coder’s Rank basically shows your knowledge in terms of development: what languages you can master, technologies you prefer etc. Best part is, you don’t have to do anything, just let the commits speak for themselves. It is of course a cool application when you’re looking for a job, but also to know yourself better and be able to improve your skills. And again, show off based on facts rather than on your own words.

Notion for VS Code, need we say more? 

You all know Notion? You all know VS Code? Well you get our point. 

Ok seriously, Notion is one of the best tool to stay organized in your personal stuff as much as in professional stuff by the way. Now imagine what it can do when it’s in your IDE? There you go! Simplify collaboration, stop going from Notion to your IDE and bring the real work in 

GIPHY Says, make me a GIF 

Finishing up with something we stumbled on buried in the past: the GIPHY camera!  This was the best to turn your world into a GIF. There is an improved version now with more features and you can directly edit your own photos. We tried recording "our AI-powered unicorn is the best coding tool ever" but it was a bit confusing apparently. 

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