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Best Github Actions to boost your CI/CD pipeline in 2022

The Github action marketplace celebrated its third year anniversary and the scope of actions you can now set up to enhance your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline has never been so wide. Let’s review the GitHub Actions that can make a difference and which will enable you to deploy faster and more securely every single time.

Security and Vulnerability related Github Actions


Protect your secrets and use this GitHub Action to access items in your Bitwarden Vault automatically. Keep your private information… well private

Even though it might seem obvious Gitguardian, the secret detection platform, declares that they detect over 2 millions secrets on GitHub repositories every year. Make sure you are doing everything in your power to not be part of it.


And because we put code security above it all (right under quality duh) we wanted to promote Snyk GitHub Action that enhances the Snyk platform with a vulnerability scan right into your CI/CD pipeline.


The Bridgecrew GitHubAaction acts as a quality gate for all to detect and fix all your infrastructure-as-code errors. It automatically finds configuration errors in Terraform, CloudFormation and kubernetes and helps you monitor them with the Bridgecrew dashboard (free in their community plan) so you can fix all issues the fastest you need.


Collaboration & Notification

Keep your team synced up with Slack Github Action

It enables you to push a notification on slack for every job run. It’s one of the most simple yet collaboration friendly Github Action. It enables everyone to stay on the same page and have the team always updated regarding the advancement of a release.

Sidenote from our GitHub Action list we wanted to make a shoutout, in the spirit of CI/CD pipeline improvement, to our friend from the French Tech - Axolo -  who made an incredible tool for Slack to accelerate the management of pull requests. Their tool creates a single purpose slack channel for every PR you make that lives until your pull request is merged. It enables teams to gain visibility over the processing of each PR and help them manage their delivery with more focus and homogeneity. Go check it out


Back to our selection, if you want to take CI/CD notification to the next level you can send text messages thanks to Twilio to be informed of PR related events such as a failed deployment or when tests fail on master. Find out more through their doc or let Brian Douglas explains it for you.

Last but not least Twilio also makes it possible to send a fax with another of their GitHub Action so you can inform your grandparents of a successful deployment.

Task Management


This GitHub Action allows you to have your pull request status right inside Asana.

This really is the power of accelerated collaboration thanks to a well connected CI/CD pipeline. This Asana GitHub Action enables you to make sure that you have all the necessary information in one place so that you stop side tasking from a platform to go fetch information in another. It’s currently available for Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans. You can also setup the Add comment to Asana GitHub Action to increase even more the experience that Asana as developed with their GitHub Action.


If you are more of a Jira user then you can explore the Github Actions they have developed.

Ponicode team’s heart goes to Jira’s “Creating issue from TODO comments” GitHub Action.

Unit Test Quality Gate


Of course we would not avoid talking about our own Github Actions 

The first one SQUAR GitHub Action is our Software quality and action report wrapped up into a GitHub action. It is going to read your unit test files and grade them in order to enable you to monitor where you are at when it comes to unit tests and benchmark it to your standards. Then it makes a recommendation of actions you should take to improve your KPIs. Those actions are ranked by risk and show you the path to efficient remediation

Then our Unit Test GitHub Action can automatically generate missing unit tests, missing test cases and missing edge cases where SQUAR has identified missing ones. These two GitHub Actions work separately or together depending on how you want to structure your automated workflow.


We love the creativity of the developer community and we wanted to share this last GitHub Action. It’s a Discord Activity Badge, it enables you to show your Discord Activity and Status in your GitHub profile. The author states as their reason for creating it “Because why not?” Joke aside Janrey Licas writes that they made it for those “wanting to go beyond styling your README by adding some extra toppings, or wanting to let some birds (strangers) know what you are doing at some point in time, then this action workflow might be for you!”

Still not convinced of the power of GitHub Actions? Go check out this presentation of Advanced GitHub Action from GitHub Universe 2019

We hope you enjoyed this list and discovered a thing or two. The marketplace keeps expanding and we haven’t mentioned all the actions that are available right now. 

Did you know that Ponicode even automatically generates docstrings for your Python code in the CI/CD?

Go and explore for yourself the power of Github for all your projects.

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