Baptiste Bouffaut joins Ponicode as CTO

Are you confused between Ponicode and CircleCI? It’s not you, it’s us. Ponicode was acquired by CircleCI as of March 2022. The content and material published prior to this date remains under Ponicode’s name. When in doubt: Ponicode = CircleCI.

Paris, 18 May 2020 – Ponicode, a startup founded in June 2019 with the aim to generate unit tests in a few clicks in order to facilitate developers’ day-to-day tasks, announces the arrival of Baptiste Bouffaut as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Baptiste will lead the company’s innovation strategy. His mission includes accelerating Ponicode’s R&D to support its development in France and around the world.

Baptiste Bouffaut is an entrepreneur at heart who has participated in the creation of two companies in 2015: PetitBus and Skails. With more than 15 years of experience in web applications, mobile and communicating systems, Baptiste Bouffaut worked alongside Patrick Joubert as VP Engineering at Recast.AI, a startup acquired by SAP in January 2018. Before joining Ponicode in May, Baptiste was VP Engineering at AODocs, a company offering a document management solution running on the Google Cloud platform. He holds a Master’s degree from Télécom SudParis and specialization certificates in deep learning and machine learning.

“Over the last few years, I have been helping companies go from start-up to scale-up phases,” says Baptiste Bouffaut, CTO of Ponicode. “I am thrilled to join Ponicode, which represents a new entrepreneurial adventure. It’s an exciting challenge that combines technological innovation and leadership. In my role I plan to prove the added value of such a solution for developers and increase its impact on the market.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Baptiste Bouffaut to our team of 10 people today,” explains Patrick Joubert, CEO and co-founder of Ponicode. “Since the launch of Ponicode in June 2019, we have doubled our workforce. The arrival and experience of Baptiste will allow us to continue our momentum and pursue the innovations at the heart of Ponicode’s DNA.”

About Ponicode

Ponicode is a startup created in June 2019 and intended to facilitate the daily life of developers. The startup has developed a low code solution based on AI, it can generate unit tests in JavaScript in a few clicks in VSCode. Ponicode’s ambition is to help developers to produce quality code faster, and to focus on what they love doing most: coding. Follow Ponicode on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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