All4test & Ponicode

Ponicode & All4test

Promoting Code Quality Together

We are more than proud to announce our new partnership with All4test, a company based in France dedicated to improving and ensuring software quality since 2006. 

The software industry has considerably changed over the past few years and now needs to produce more effective products in a shorter amount of time. It requires a rigorous traceability system and industrialised processes in terms of software quality and testing. This helps avoid bugs which eat up valuable time and money, not to mention damaging brand image over time for your users. 

All4test is determined to provide you with the custom services you need regarding your testing methods and software quality. Whether you are a startup, small business or large company, All4test strategy is committed to:

  • Improving your software development lifecycle and avoiding miscommunication among your teams
  • Accompanying you on a better development process and increasing your tech teams skills
  • Providing you with a testing strategy which relies on powerful tools and automation 

Together, we share the same vision that code and software quality are key to a company's success. We’re joining forces with All4test to better cater to our industry with a set of solutions dedicated to producing better code, faster. And let’s not forget, making software developers happier. 😉

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