8 exciting AI-powered B2B startups changing the world at Vivatech this year

For French startups, as well as some members of our team, being part of Vivatech has been an incredible experience which boosted awareness and connected their project with clients, investors and advisors alike. Baptiste Bouffaut, CTO of Ponicode, was part of Vivatech with Recast AI at their very first event.

We also have friends and partners such as Weloop, a unique solution to enable smart and collaborative feedback collection, for whom Vivatech participation is a great opportunity to share their solution to a large audience.

Here’s the exciting B2B startups who made it on to our shortlist this year. Alongside Ponicode and above mentioned Weloop, these are projects who are changing the way companies are led and tooled to make better decisions and systematically deliver industrial grade solutions.


Online reputation has never been so critical to brands out there. After a year working totally online, businesses feel particularly sensitive to online bullying and smear campaigns. Bodyguard developed an AI powered solution to protect online communities against toxic content and hate speech. The power of smart content moderation is here to augment the work of community managers.


The rising cost of cloud usage is a hot topic for many companies investing a growing number of resources in DevOps or Machine Learning. Cast developed a solution using the power of artificial intelligence to enable their client perform cloud optimisation for Kubernetes. 

Simple as that, they promise to cut your cloud bill, prevent downtime, and increase the power of DevOps x10. Where do we sign up?!



Data set owners have a growing sensitivity to the manipulation of their data by other stakeholders. While data protection laws are structuring the market and data leaks are booming, it feels increasingly difficult to share data safely and with confidence. Cosmian comes into the picture with a solution to secure sensitive data during collaborative computation and explicitly control calculation over confidential data.


Artificial Intelligence to power industrial problem solving: this is Cosmotech's goal.

In 2020 they developed a platform to help enterprise decision makers thanks to AI supported predictions. They believe that a better overview of the impact of their decisions can help to optimise company planning and ultimately enable robustness, resilience and sustainability.


Datakeen is helping companies to optimise the huge amount of unexploited data they have on their hands. Starting with images, sound recordings and videos. Thanks to their platform they enable businesses to create predictive learning models and turn data into actionable information. A new step forward in the era of data driven decision making.


Dessia is a smart and innovative bot to augment engineering workflows. Thanks to their solution you can audit your workflow, define your engineering models as well as generate and visualise different paths for your engineers work. A better overview means your team is able to always choose the way that best optimises your ROI.

Become an augmented engineer !



Faradai is built an AI-powered platform focused on building energy and sustainability intelligence,

They deliver end to end data analytics to master your energy value chain and optimise it perfectly. Save money (and the planet!) with this data driven approach to energy consumption.


Democratising spectrometry was obscure to us. But then GreenTropism came on the scene with their solution to easily implement predictive models and support reading the results, bringing spectral analysis to the masses. High end data analysis does not have to be so inaccessible - thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

That’s our Vivatech 2021 shortlist, you can go and meet all of these companies this week and find out exactly how the power of AI caters to the needs of business optimisation. Being part of this ecosystem is truly amazing and we are excited to discover the many more amazing product developments still to come from these startups, as well as the milestones they will reach in the coming years.

Let’s celebrate Vivatech 2021 and the French Tech this week!

One of the most exciting events in the European startup scene is back this year in a new hybrid format. This is the occasion to discover some very innovative projects supporting, just as Ponicode does, the rise of Industry 4.0 companies. Being part of this amazing french tech ecosystem nurtures our creativity and our sense of innovation.

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