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10 NPM packages to accelerate your code journey in 2022

Coming back with a special 2022 update for this top npm packages in our series about the best productivity tools for developers! After a selection of our favorite VS Code Extension and the Typescript must have extensions we are turning toward Node JS recommendations. You know the Ponicode philosophy, it’s all about boosting developers' lives and we shortlisted for you 10 npm packages to accelerate your next projects


Their goal is to help developers solve their data-related issues thanks to flexible data model and unified query interface for any use case. This allows you to ship and iterate  3 to 5 times faster in any environment. 

3,5M weekly downloads

driver data 

npm install mongodb


It is the no-brainer you need to use multiple modeules in your project. This tool can divide, pack up and assign code in JS, CSSS & HTML according to your preferences. No need to work on locations and performances now.  

22M weekly downloads

npm install –save-dev webpack

Managing utilities can rapidly become overwhelming, Bower makes sure you stay in control by managing components. It categorizes every packages you are using, runs constant checks for any potential risks and helps in updating as well.

344K weekly downloads 

npm install -g bower


Carrying on with a security package, Passport. The purpose ito authenticate requests which is done through a large set of plugins called strategies. The API is quiet user-friendly with only a request to authenticate to send to Passport which will then provide hooks to manage what occurs depending on authentication succeeding or failing. 

1,5M weekly downloads   

express connect authentication 

npm i passport 


Sending an email within your apps is often a sensitive tasks, Nodemailer secures email management for your end users to have access to a safe space for emails. 

2M weekly downloads 

npm i nodemailer 


This is a very useful template engine formerly known as Jade ans was specifically designed for Node. Thanks to template engine, you can save yourself the trouble of writing difficult HTML and JS lines of code. 

1,4M weekly downloads 

karma html jade template

npm i pug 


Another great package to focus on coding and stop handling the tedious side of your project. Grunt enables you to automate a wide range of tasks including code linting or compiling related tasks. They have a range of plugins to explore and you can also create your own plugin if there is a task they haven’t covered yet. 

If you want a hint, here are the top 5 most popular task they support at the moment 

  • clean files and folders
  • run predefined tasks whenever watch file patterns are added, changed or deleted
  • copy files and folders
  • minify Javascript files with Uglify JS
  • concatenate files

700,000 weekly downloads 

Automation, task automation, code optimization, developer augmentation

npm install -g grunt-cli

And if you're looking for a more user-friendly, add-free and straightforward way to minify JSS & CSS, Website Planet has been heartily recommended by a member of our community, Selena, thanks for sharing 😇


JSHint is a linting tool. It will run through your JavaScript code and find mistakes, regular errors (syntax, implicit type conversion, variable leak…) and consequently help you avoid potential bugs. JSHint is also able to share a few solutions to the mistakes it detects and it will save you hours of debugging.

500,000+ weekly downloads

lint, bug, debugging, syntax error

npm i jshint


​​Lodash is a popular and highly used JavaScript utility library. It delivers modularity, performance, extras and it exposes useful methods on JS arrays, objects and other data structures.

40,500,000 weekly downloads

JS library, utility library, Lodash

npm i iodash

That's a wrap on our list of the best npm packages to boost your development experience in 2022. Hopefully you found a few new tools to enhance your coding journey 😉

If you want to learn more about programming and code quality, we have a wealth of resources right here, and if you haven't tried Ponicode yet, then click the banner below 🦄

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