10 Best IntelliJ plugins for developers

To celebrate the release of the alpha version of Ponicode on the IntelliJ marketplace we wanted to promote the incredible JetBrains ecosystem with the team’s selection of plugins for IntelliJ designed to make your coding experience better, faster and a whole lot smarter.

Find out how to enhance your experience and share in our Slack Community the ones you think should make it to the list.

Force Shortcuts

You are a newbie to IntelliJ and you want to make the best out of it. We found the Force Shortcuts plugin, a simple tool to force you into learning and using the shortcuts in order to quickly become an IntelliJ mastermind. We used during our first week using IntelliJ to get used to those good habits and past the initial struggle your productivity is going to skyrocket.

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Rainbow Brackets

Simple ideas make the best plugins and that’s the approach taken by the author of this plugin. By providing you with paired color coding of all your brackets and parentheses it allows you to (bring some amazing colors to your coding life) avoid confusion and accelerate one missing bracket at time your coding experience.

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Issue tracker by Stepsize

Of course our code quality loving heart goes towards Stepsize. This company dedicated to technical debt management released an IntelliJ plugin to help you better manage your technical debt. Thanks to it you will be able to create todos and report debt straight from the IDE. The plugin is meant to build a bridge between the IDE and your sprint planning in Jira or Linear by simplifying collaboration and management of the code maintenance.

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This plugin helps you gain clarity and lisibility when it comes to CSV file management. It displays inside the IDE your CSV in a user-friendly table view instead of the raw format. Within this view you will be able to customize color coding, format the content, check spell and a few other simple database cleaning tasks. It makes it to our list for saving members of the team from a few headaches this year

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Maven Helper

Maven Helper is a dependencies conflict management plugin. It helps you to spot and remove conflicting dependencies. You can also run and/or debug maven goals and test files. 

They update it continuously so check on the marketplace for the latest features.

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String Manipulation

String Manipulation is a plugin designed to help Java developers manage their strings and save a large amount of time in the process. This smart plugin provides you with 70 actions from simple tasks (capitalization, sorting, incrementin) and more technical ones (conversion from unicode or encoding to HEX). 

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Snyk Vulnerability Scanner

Snyk’s popularity has been booming for the past few years and the efficiency of their tools is well recognized amongst the developer community. It seemed sensible to mention their IntelliJ plugin for Java applications. It scans third party dependencies and custom code to find vulnerabilities and then it is able to provide you with a range of information to help you spot and fix these vulnerabilities. Spotting security issues from the IDE and fixing them as you code goes along with the shift left approach that we try to enforce as well. Don’t miss out on this, it’s the kind of plugin you only regret not downloading once your code vulnerabilities have been exploited against you.

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The Progress Bar madness

Even though the Nyan Cat Progress Bar is always mentioned as the go to cute plugin for IntelliJ we could not stop ourselves from spreading the love when it comes to free cuteness. The IntelliJ marketplace has tons of progress bar customisation available as plugins, my personal preference goes to Pokemon but it’s just the 90’s kid standpoint. Just choose what fits best from the list.

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We are loving this code monitoring plugin available for IntelliJ. No need to leave your IDE to have access to key metrics about your coding activity.  Optimize your workload by analyzing how much time you spend on different languages, projects, files and PRs. If you think it is time to investigate where you are wasting your time then get started with this plugin.

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You would have suspected that we would not wrap up this list without mentioning our IntelliJ extension supports Java. It is the new integration of our code quality platform and enables you to boilerplate your unit test work. Ponicode automatically generates unit tests with up to 6 scenarios. The scenarios are generated by our AI and include standard scenarios and edge cases in order to support your code robustness. Once Ponicode is down you can review, complete or edit the new test file and ship your well tested code to production. Give it a try to improve your legacy code coverage or to create unit tests as you code.

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That is it. We are very happy to join the JetBrains ecosystem with our first IntelliJ plugin and extend the scope of our platform integration. Want to know more about our features and our roadmap? Well we are always available on the Slack Community and if you want to find out all our solutions you can head to this page. We want to make code quality more accessible than ever and we hope that this integration, along with many other plugins for Intellij (ok maybe not the Nyan Cat Progress Bar) are putting developers in the right direction.

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