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10 awesome VS Code extensions that will Rock your World

Here at Ponicode we love a great tool that we can easily implement in our daily lives. We also love VS Code. So, today we are doing a quick run through some of our favourite VS Code products that we have found on Product Hunt recently with a mandatory Top 10 list (plus, a little surprise at the end 😉)

Affirmations for VS Code

Who doesn’t need a little boost of positivity and validation every now and then? We know we certainly do - and our hard working devs are no different! Affirmations for VS Code gives you a positive message every time you open up VS Code. Coding can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you get stuck - maybe this extension will help you keep those positive vibes going next time you find yourself in a rut.

Save Code in VS Code

This handy tool lets you save and access snippets of your code within VS Code using keyboard shortcuts. Your snippets are then saved to the cloud so that you can access them from your browser and sync across your various devices. No need to search old notes by approximate date or worry about sorting/consolidating. Handy, right?

VS Code Stories

Instagram addict? Twitter addict? Any form of social media addict? Yeah, us too. We like this VS Code extension because it lets us feel like we’re getting our daily fix of social media interaction right from our favourite IDE. After installing the extension you just click Record Story at the bottom of the screen and start recording the code you want to share. Then click publish and share your beautiful functions with the world! Anyone with the extension can see your story and you can see theirs in your tool bar. You can even give them a like if you’re feeling generous. 

100 Days of Code VS Code Extension

If you’ve been thinking about starting your #100DaysofCode Challenge but keep putting it off then this is your sign to bite the bullet and just do it! This open-source plugin will be right there beside you to track your progress and help you reach your goals. Each day you code, a new log is generated with your code time metrics and milestones for the day. You can earn milestones while coding to help keep you motivated and unlock badges for your accomplishments during the challenge. And, obviously, there would be no point in doing #100DaysofCode if you didn’t share it online so there is even a function that allows you to share your progress to Twitter directly from VS Code. 

VS Code Notion

We love Notion at Ponicode. For work. For school. For personal use. So, Notion, right inside our favourite code editor? It was a no brainer for us. Instead of having a Notion page open separately while coding, this tool lets you view Notion pages while you're coding, browse recently opened pages, bookmark important ones for next time and it supports both private and public pages - all within VS Code. If it makes our life easier then it’s a yes from us!

VS Code Cheatsheet

This little tool is a Google Chrome extension designed specifically for MacOS. Every time you open a new tab or reload the homepage, three shortcuts from three different categories are displayed. It’s hard enough to remember to eat sometimes in a rapidly growing startup like Ponicode so this helps our devs to remember keybinds for VS Code. A subtle way to remember the things we need to; without burdening our minds with the idea of learning. It’s safe to say this product got our devs’ upvotes!

Slack Theme for VS Code

Us Ponies are major advocates of Slack. We use it everyday to message each other, to spread important info and to share memes, jokes and interesting things we think the team might enjoy. We love its smooth interface and excellent emoji selection. This extension lets us customise our VSCode setup with a colour scheme inspired by the Slack default themes, giving us the feeling of being on our favourite communication platform while we code.


I mentioned above that we are big fans of the emoji selection in Slack, and I wasn’t joking - our unicorn is the Queen of Emojis! This clever little VS Code extension lets you search and select emojis within your code editor. Simply install the extension from the VS Code Marketplace, Ctrl+Shift+P to open your command palette and choose Select Emoji. Search your emoji and click the emoji you want to use then Ctrl+V to paste it where you want. Finally, sit back and watch your code come to life.

VS Code DMs

If you’re a major chatterbox like all of us then you will love this direct message extension for VS Code! Take collaborating to the next level by creating group DMs, sharing code snippets, debuging bugs, and checking your fellow devs’ activity. Basically, it’s a distraction free messenger that will allow you to remain productive while you work - just for VS Code users!

And last but not least… Snippet Maker

This extension does exactly what it says on the tin - makes snippets! It lets you create snippets in VS Code without having to go digging into snippet files. It also uses the default snippet files for new snippets. I know what you’re thinking - why didn’t I think of that???

So, there you have our Top 10 VS Code products! 

But wait, we promised you a surprise at the end… Well, get ready, cos it’s a big one!

Ponicode Unit Test has launched on Product Hunt!!!

Ponicode is our very own little unicorn powered by AI which takes care of your unit tests in all your JavaScript, Typescript and Python functions - directly from within VS Code. Save time and energy while doing what you truly love; writing clean and professional code. 

After many months of hard work and a hell of a lot of unicorn talk, we are finally on Product Hunt with a ready-to-use solution! Don’t waste any more time, go check us out now and witness the magic for yourself. We assure you it will make your life easier and your coding journey more beautiful.

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